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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The first week of April will mark the beginning of the legislative spring break and, unsurprisingly, the legislature is scrambling to tie up some loose ends and check a few last boxes before they head home for a two-week hiatus. Little information has leaked about the details of what either chamber is going to put forward in their respective budget proposals (which are due out this coming week), but both the House and Senate K-12 budget subcommittees held their last week of testimony and will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively to report out their versions of the 2017-18 School Aid budget.

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More MMC Changes Debated in House Committee

The Michigan House of Representatives is once again debating changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC). A four-bill package was taken up for testimony this past Tuesday in the House Workforce and Talent Development Committee. Taken together, the bills (HB 4315-18) would make changes to the requirements around algebra II; world language; visual, performing, and applied arts (VPAA); and health.

The Bills

Compared to other efforts to amend the MMC, this package of bills is somewhat less sweeping in scope. Still, it represents yet another potential change in the ongoing saga of proposed MMC amendments. Here is a breakdown of each of the three concepts bing debated:'s picture

SAT College Codes

As students are completing their SAT pre-administration gridding, they will have the opportunity to send their scores to four colleges or universities of their choice, free of charge. The College Board has provided a list of just Michigan options for easy access to the codes that the majority of students are likely to select. Click here to download the PDF.

Unfortunately, Oakland University was accidentally left off of the printed list. They were included on the Michigan school code list that College Board distributed earlier this year. In the electronic score send process, OU does show up with a code of 1497.'s picture

Women in Leadership Retreat - May 11 & 12

Registration is now open for MASA'a Women in Leadership Retreat, sponsored in part by MASSP! Featuring speaker, trainer and coach Gilda Bonanno, the retreat is set for May 11-12 at Mission Point on Mackinac Island.

This customized, engaging and interactive workshop will use small group discussion, interactive exercises and content sharing to build communication and relationship-building skills, confidence and leadership.

Goals include:

  • Develop and demonstrate confidence in your leadership role
  • Build your communication skills, especially for different constituencies
  • Develop leadership competencies
  • Improve presentation skills and non-verbal communication
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#MASSPchat 3/27: Classroom Management - What Are Your Expectations?

The Topic:
Student management is a large portion of an administrator's job. Depending on your management style you can either lead the process or be lead by the process. Join us on #masspchat to learn more about management styles and expectations.