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Summit Line-Up Packs a Punch for Assistant Principals and Deans

Reserve your spot for MASSP's annual Assistant Principal and Deans Summit this January 28-29, 2019 at Crystal Mountain Resort. The two-day event features keynote sessions and breakouts specifically targeted for assistant building leaders. Keep reading to hear what we have planned!


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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Last Tuesday's election saw the largest turnout for a midterm election in Michigan in over 50 years and marked a significant shift in power in state government, though not a complete change in direction (for a full breakdown see MASSP's post-election screencast). Democrats won all of the statewide top-of-the-ticket races (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General), picked up two key congressional seats, and made significant gains in the State House and State Senate, but Republicans still controls both state legislative chambers, though only by three votes in either chamber.

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Webcast: Post-Election Recap

The latest edition in our ongoing Legislative Update webcast series recaps the results of the November general election. We walk through the outcomes and implications of the 2018 general election including reviewing the results of key races, looking at the political makeup of state government for next year, and hitting the highlights of the three statewide ballot proposals.

Click the image below to watch the six-minute webcast (.mp4).


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Immediate Action Required in Schools with Grade 8 Students

Last week, an email went out to all schools with 8th grade students, that have not yet identified a PSAT 8 test coordinator. If you or your colleagues have received this email, it is imperative to follow the directions and complete the following steps before November 30: updating EEM, reviewing the test participation page (link in step 2.c.,) and applying for a building SSD coordinator. For a complete copy of the emailed information, please see below.

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Teacher Shortage, Teachers Leaving the Profession…What Can Building Administrators Do About It?

For the last three years, my heart has continued to grow heavy as I see the marked decline in those interested in becoming teachers, as well as current teachers choosing to leave the profession. I still remember the excitement I felt when I opened the door to my own classroom for the first time and the great pride I felt when I told someone that I was a teacher. Even now, my favorite aspect in my current role is being in the field teaching adults – the joy of teaching, learning and connecting with people has never left me. While you may feel powerless as a building administrator to impact these declines, research shows there are definite areas where principals can, in fact, make a difference in teacher retention.