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Addressing Student on Student Harassment

Complaints from students and parents alleging student on student harassment are on the rise. One particular case, Doe v Forest Hills Public Schools, Case No. 1:13-cv-428 (WD Mich), resulted in a school district (or its insurer) paying a $600,000 settlement. Given the stakes, it is worth reviewing some basic guidelines for handling harassment and similar complaints.

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MDE: MSTEP Student Report Out, Clarification on SAT Essay

This week's edition of MDE's Spotlight on Student Assessment and Accountability has two articles that Principals will want to be aware of. First, the Individual Student Reports (ISRs) from the Spring 2015 M-STEP are now out on the MDE Secure Site, though they are embargoed until further notice to give schools time to parse the reports before they go public. Second, a clarification that the SAT Essay portion is required for all 11th grade eligible 12th grade students.'s picture

#MASSPchat 11/23 - Student Engagement

The Topic: Student Engagement
Legally, Principals in Michigan are required to make note of student engagement when conducting a classroom observation. Clearly, having students deeply engaged in learning is critical to student achievement. Let’s visit the 5D+ student engagement rubric and talk about what evidence we are seeing in classrooms of best practice in this area.

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MASSP Podcast - Bob Kefgen Breaks Down the New Evaluation Law: PA 173

In this edition of MASSP’s podcast series Wendy sits down with MASSP's lobbyist, Bob Kefgen to breakdown Michigan's new Educator Evaluation law - PA 173. Listen in for information about growth, practice and public transparency requirements for current year and beyond. You can also get copies of MASSP handouts and more evaluation resources at