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Meet and Greet Mondays

Written by Katy VanCuren, Assistant Principal, Rockford High School and AP West Representative on the MASSP Board of Directors

The dreaded Monday morning wake up, ugh! Some people would say it’s their least favorite day of the week. So much to do and with five whole days of school ahead, it seems endless. What if you started to look forward to Monday mornings? That is what students at Rockford High School do each and every week. Monday Meet and Greets were the brainchild of two teachers who, after listening to students and staff alike, were trying to find a way to reinvent the least favorite day of the week.

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Are We Really Present?

Written by Tracy LN Wilson, Principal, Grand Haven High School and Past President of the MASSP Board of Directors

Technology has invaded our lives and we need to take back control. It seems that the pace of life has gotten a bit crazy and many people point to technology as one of the major culprits -- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Pinterest, Emails, Texting -- the list could go on and on. We are afraid of "missing out" on something going on in someone else’s life, but in reality, we are missing out on the life going on around us. How much of what we are doing on technology is for required use and how much has become an addiction?

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Truancy Legislation: Our Concerns and Plan of Action

Recently, MASSP members may have heard about a package of legislation that would amend Michigan’s truancy laws. These bills, which are based on recommendations that came from Michigan’s School Justice Partnership, have been awaiting a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee since the spring. Many principals are members of their county’s School Justice Partnership and we have spoken with several principals about the details of the bills as currently written. All have agreed that, without changes, these bills would hamper rather than help the work they are doing locally to address student attendance issues.

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Boosting Student Opportunity Through Free SAT Practice: Webinar for Principals Featuring the Sandusky High Team

You're invited to a special upcoming professional learning opportunity available to you and your team. Join representatives from the College Board, Khan Academy, and fellow school leaders, including Steve and Erin Carlson from Sandusky Jr/Sr High School, for a free webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 28, from 12-1 p.m. about boosting student opportunity through free SAT practice.

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5 Things to Know About the New Counselor PD Law

Written by Patrick O’Connor, Government Relations Co-Chair of the Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling (MACAC)

Governor Snyder recently signed House Bill 4181 into law. This bill makes important changes to the professional development requirements of school counselors, which will take effect in two years.

What does the bill require?