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#MASSPchat 12/22 - Lame Duck Recap and Looking Forward to 2015

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Lawmakers are wrapping up the 2013-14 legislative session this week and there are still a number of education issues swirling around. In #MASSPchat, we will recap the lame duck session and chat about what passed, what didn't, and what that means for schools. We will also preview what issues are likely to be debated going into 2015 and what early indications are for how the 2015-16 School Aid budget could shake out.

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Ryan Irwin Named 2014-15 Assistant Principal of the Year

On Monday, the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) named Ryan Irwin of Airport High School as the state's 2014-15 Assistant Principal of the Year. Irwin was presented with the Assistant Principal of the Year award during a school board meeting in Carleton. He will represent the 1,500-member association for the 2014-15 school year and vie for the National honor.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The Five-Day Rule (also known as Article IV, Section 26 of the Michigan Constitution) requires that bills have to wait for five days in both the House and Senate before they can be voted on in order to ensure the public has a chance to see and weigh in on legislation without the legislature being able to railroad it through in a single day in the dead of night. With only three days of House session and four of Senate session left this year, it also means that any legislation that hasn't already passed at least one chamber is effectively dead for the year.

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Chair of MCEE Expresses "Deep Concerns" About Alternative Educator Evaluation Bills

Last week, Dr. Deborah Ball, the chair of the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness, sent a letter to Governor Snyder expressing "deep concerns" with a pair of alternative educator evaluation bills that have been put forward by the Senate Education Committee chair. In her letter, Dr. Ball says clearly that the versions of the bills that have been proposed in the Senate would "undermine the improvement-focused system of educator evaluation recommended by the [MCEE]" and that the work of the Council would "be for nothing" if the Senate versions passed.

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