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Supreme Court Considering Whether to Consider Non-Public School Funding Issue

Last week, Governor Snyder formally requested that the Michigan Supreme Court issue an advisory opinion as to whether a controversial budget proposal appropriating money to private schools was constitutional. This week, the Supreme Court announced that it would consider the Governor's request and has called for the Governor and legislators to file briefs on the issue.'s picture

Fall PSAT Testing Clarification And M-STEP Final Results

This week's edition of Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability has two items of note for Principals. First, a reminder that, while there is no need for districts to order materials for Spring PSAT testing, any districts that wish to participate in fall PSAT/NMSQT testing need to order materials directly trough College Board. Second, MDE announced their timeline this week for the release of final M-STEP results from Spring 2016 testing.

Both articles are reproduced in their entirety below:

Fall and Spring Assessments

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MDE Memo on Upcoming Evaluation Implementation Report

The Michigan Department of Education this week issued a memo to districts to provide them with information on an upcoming reporting deadline related to educator evaluation funding. While district still have over a year to expend money and complete training, an interim progress report is due to the state by September 30 of this year briefly detailing any expenditures districts have made to date and a summary of the districts future plans.

For more information, the memo is reproduced in its entirety below:'s picture

College Board Reporting Portal and Counselor Workshops

In the whirlwind of activity that always marks the end of June, you may have missed a couple of articles that appeared in the June 23 edition of MDE's Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability publication related to College Board supports. The articles are reprinted in their entirety below. The first article provides help with the College Board reporting portal.

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Legal Literacy: Tools to Avoid Litigation in Your School

Written by Regina Umstead, Matthew Militello and Suzanne E. Eckes. Article previously published in the February 2016 edition of NASSP's Principal Leadership magazine. Article reprinted with permission from the authors.