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Dr. Swift of Ann Arbor Schools Earns 2018 Superintendent of the Year Award

The Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) recently announced that Ann Arbor Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeanice Kerr Swift has earned the award of 2018 Michigan Superintendent of the Year.

"Dr. Swift has been a positive advocate for the Ann Arbor Public Schools, as well as for public education, and I am proud to announce that she has earned the honor of being named Michigan Superintendent of the Year," said Chris Wigent, Executive Director of the Michigan Association of School Administrators. "She has demonstrated exceptional leadership for her district, adding quality programs, increasing achievement levels for all students, and engaging with staff and parents as well as with local businesses and community organizations in support of all children."

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What I Learned At the AP Annual Conference

Written by Mike Hobolth, Associate Principal, Zemmer Campus, Lapeer Community Schools. Mike has been an MASSP member for nearly 20 years. Contact him at

Nothing much happened in Washington this summer; politicians apparently get sick of each other and go home to tweet about the President. But the AP Annual Conference held in DC in July was certainly active. The Advanced Placement Program made a couple big announcements that will impact things for a long time, starting in the next couple of years.

Beginning fall 2019, AP will offer a number of enhancements and changes in services that will support AP teachers in their work. These initiatives will include:

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The Senate Education Committee took testimony (though, unfortunately, did not vote) Tuesday on a pair of bills (HB 4421-22)that would begin to address Michigan’s substitute teacher shortage by—among other things—allowing recent retirees to substitute teach without districts having to pay a the hefty MPSERS fee they are currently charged…the timeline on this bill is unclear.

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Work Needed on New Career Pathways Bills

Following two weeks of testimony about the Michigan Career Pathways Alliance (MCPA) recommendations, five new bills were introduced in the House this week. The legislation deals with various topics related to CTE and is being couched as enacting the ideas outlined by the MCPA, but only some of the bills actually align with those recommendations and most will need work if they are going to help rather than create new problems for Principals and other educators.

That said, every indication MASSP has received in our early conversations with legislators and other stakeholders is that there is broad willingness to work collaboratively to address any issues and make the legislation helpful for educators.

The Bills

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Review of MDE's New Sub Permit Rules

Last school year, MDE's Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) restructured Michigan's sub teaching permits. There are now four substitute permits available to schools and districts wishing to employ educators outside of regular certification and endorsement areas:

  • The Daily Substitute Permit (a traditional sub permit, valid for periods up to 90 calendar days in a single assignment)
  • The Full-Year Basic Permit (for long-term subs, valid for a single academic year)
  • The Shortage Permit (up to .5 FTE when no qualified candidate is available, valid for a single academic year)
  • The Expert Substitute Permit (for subject matter experts without a teaching certificate, valid for a single academic year)