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Lose Yourself…Find Your Desk

In June, the "Behind the Scenes" view of a building administrator's job resembles chaos at its best. The typical regimen during this time is jumping from one culminating event to another leaving little opportunity for "seat time." The result, you lose sight of your desk.

Once the last event concludes and your students walk out the door for summer break, you are left to sort through the stacks in order to wrap up one school year and prepare for the next. Yet in part, your motivation and energy walked out the door with the students!

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Congrats Class of 2018 MASSP Scholarship Winners

MASSP is proud to have recently awarded three graduating seniors from the Class of 2018 with this year’s Board of Directors scholarship, which entitles each student to a $2,500 award toward tuition in fall 2018. The winners – Trevor Blood from Hamilton High School, Blake Rierson from Unionville-Sebewaing Area High School and Anthony Reo from Paw Paw High School – are children of MASSP members who displayed exemplary academic achievement, participation in extra curricular activities and the completion of both school and community service. Congratulations to this year's award winners!

Trevor Blood

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Proposed K-12 Social Studies Standards: All the Details Educators Need to Know

Whether on social media, in the news or even from your staff, you've likely heard about the proposed changes to the Michigan K-12 Social Studies Standards. In case you missed it, here are links to two articles in Bridge Magazine that summarize the current public debate about these proposed changes.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Tuesday was the only day of legislative session this week, but the House and Senate made it count as they churned through huge agendas and sent over 120 different bills to the Governor's desk before leaving for their summer recess and the campaign trail. The legislature made a few last tweaks to the K-12 budget (MASSP's budget breakdown has been updated to reflect the changes) that could have a significant impact on districts with large or growing numbers of shared time or tuition students.

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Marshall Plan, Career Pathways Bills Headed to Gov

Both Governor Snyder’s Marshall Plan for Talent and a series of bills collectively referred to as the Career Pathways Alliance legislation made it across the finish line before summer break. A few other bills that weren’t officially part of either effort but were tangentially related were also able to ride the wave. The end result: a whole lot of new legislation dealing with topics ranging from school improvement plans to the MMC to teacher certification is headed to Governor Snyder for signature.

Here’s a breakdown of the various pieces of legislation. MASSP will continue to follow up on each of these bills as more detail becomes available about how each of these initiatives will be implemented and enforced by MDE.

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