CEL's 5D/5D+ Training Provided by MASSP

5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning Instructional Framework and 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubrics

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The Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) has designed a series of trainings for the 5D+Teacher Evaluation Rubric. The training supports participants in developing a deep understanding of the 5D™ instructional framework and the related indicators in the 5D+ rubric. The series also includes extensive training in the use of “inquiry cycles,” which enable principals to support teachers in using the evaluation process to engage in continuous improvement of their instructional expertise.

The Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, through an authorized partnership with CEL, provides this two-stage training program in Michigan. Participants learn how to effectively use these tools in their daily practice. Through this training, teachers, school leaders and district administrators develop a clear understanding of what inquiry-based evaluation looks like and how it will help them improve instructional practice.

Stage I (One Day)
Overview of Teacher Evaluations and Introduction to One Dimension

Stage I training focuses on helping participants develop an understanding of how CEL’s foundational ideas, the 5D instructional framework and the 5D+ rubric connect to inform teaching and learning. Learners will unpack one dimension and be introduced to the 5D+ inquiry cycle.

Stage II (Four to Five Days)
Dimension-Specific Training and Summative Scoring (OPTIONAL)

During Stage II training, educators will deepen their knowledge and use of the 5D instructional framework, 5D+ rubric and the 5D+ inquiry cycle. Participants will use evidence from classroom observation to outline a conversation about specific instructional goals based on each of the 5 dimensions. Participants will identify supports that principals and teachers need to effectively utilize each of the 5 dimensions in daily classroom practice. The series concludes with a day focused on using a criterion scoring methodology for mid-year reviews and summative evaluation.

Daily Dimension Focus

Day 1: Classroom Environment and Culture

Day 2: Student Engagement

Day 3: Purpose

Day 4: Assessment for Student Learning

Day 5: Curriculum and Pedagogy

Day 6: Summative Scoring

To learn more about the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning, 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubrics, and other CEL resources and services please visit www.k-12leadership.org or www.k-12leadership.org/teacher-eval.

The training is provided by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, as authorized by the Center for Educational Leadership at the University of Washington.


  • $3,000/day in-district private booking
  • $750/administrator (six days) at Regional location

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