Lunch and Learn: Calculating Student Growth with Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 12:00pm - Friday, November 9, 2018 - 1:30pm
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This opportunity is open to building leaders at all levels, superintendents and board members.

Beginning this year, 40% of Michigan educators annual evaluation is required to be based on Student Growth and Assessment Data. As districts ramp up their systems, a common pain point we hear about is how to set and evaluate growth targets that are rigorous, transparent and fair. In addition, we know districts are challenged to collect, aggregate, and model three years of data accurately, reliably and efficiently.

We are here to help! MASSP has partnered with Eidex to create a suite of growth calculators for school leaders that ease the time-consuming burden of using student growth data to determine effectiveness ratings. You may already be familiar with the SGP Calculator that Eidex launched in the spring, which automates the process of calculating effectiveness scores for teachers and administrators using M-STEP, NWEA and other measures that report Student Growth Percentiles.

To provide a more comprehensive range of solutions, Eidex has built a growth calculator designed to accommodate Student Learning Objectives and/or simple growth with local benchmark assessment, PSAT/SAT and other measures of student learning that utilizes a baseline (pre) and secondary (post) data point on a common scale score. With the launch of this SLO tool, Colin Ripmaster, MASSP’s Associate Executive Director, along with Eidex are co-hosting a series of workshops around the state. You and members of your team are invited to attend.

At our upcoming Lunch and Learn sessions, Colin and the Eidex team will share with participants how Eidex’s SLO Calculator can be used to:

  • set growth targets,
  • calculate student growth,
  • and determine student growth ratings for teachers and administrators based on local, benchmark, and state assessment data.

We look forward to demonstrating how Eidex’s SLO and SGP calculators can save you time, money and lead to performance improvements. Below is the list of workshops along with dates and venues. We hope you will join us!

Please RSVP here. Please select a convenient location and date and reserve your seat at the workshop. (This is the same workshop offered on a variety of dates, at different locations, for your convenience.) Please be sure to RSVP as a complimentary lunch will be served.

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