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What’s Another Bucket…

I hear it all the time. “I don’t have time for Twitter.” “I don’t have time for Edmodo.” “It’s just another thing that I have to do and I am already busy.” To that, I say, jump in! The water’s warm. What’s another bucket of water when you already drowning?

We are all busy. We all have various duties within our job that take us away from what we really want to be doing. We all have our TPS Reports to produce.'s picture

Feedback for Teacher Growth

For the past two years my work at MASSP has been heavily focused on educator evaluation- both in providing professional development and on the legislative aspects. At times I have been depressed about the fact that it feels like the good pieces about a solid evaluation system are over shadowed by an over reliance on accountability and an improper focus on rooting the bad teachers out.'s picture

FREE Google Sponsored Computer Science Coding Club!

Are you looking for exciting afterschool opportunities for your middle school students? CS First is a Google program focused on increasing student access and exposure to Computer Science (CS) Education through after school and summer programs and they want to bring their program to Michigan! CS First launched in South Carolina in August 2013. To date, they have partnered with schools in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties.

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Webinar: MMC Changes Plus Your Questions Answered

Do you understand how the changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum law are going to impact your building and your students? Still not exactly sure what options you and your students have with regard to algebra 2, world language, or career and technical education? If you answered yes or simply want to make sure that you really do understand the recent changes in law, make sure to watch this pre-recorded webinar.'s picture

MDE Offer Guidance On Certifying Compliance w/ Several Requirements

The Michigan Department of Education recently released a memo with guidance for schools on how to certify your district's compliance with requirements around constitutionally protected prayer, eye protective devices, and Constitution Day. The memo detailed the submission process for each of these required certifications, all of which are due by September 19, 2014. See the following memo from MDE for further details or click here to view the original document.

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