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Upcoming SLOs Workshops Provide A Systemic Approach to Student Growth

Over the past four years, many districts have been focused on improving their educator evaluation process. With the adoption of Public Act 173, Michigan's new educator evaluation law (click here to access MASSP's educator evaluation resource page), this has taken on an even greater urgency for many districts.'s picture

#MASSPchat 11/30 - Assessment for Student Learning

The Topic: Assessment for Student Learning
We focus a great deal of time and energy on summative assessments (such as SAT & M-STEP) when the research really shows formative assessment to have the greatest impact on student learning. Many schools are focusing on increasing the use of formative assessment by teachers and also finding ways to provide students with opportunities to self assess and progress monitor.

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FREE Webinar: Midyear Reviews and PA 173

As students transition from fall to winter sports, and holiday concerts fill your evenings, it is important to stay focused during the school day on your primary responsibilities around supervision and evaluation.

Prior to leaving for your December holiday break, MASSP encourages you to begin planning and scheduling mid-year reviews, as required by section 1249 of the Revised School Code.

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Addressing Student on Student Harassment

Complaints from students and parents alleging student on student harassment are on the rise. One particular case, Doe v Forest Hills Public Schools, Case No. 1:13-cv-428 (WD Mich), resulted in a school district (or its insurer) paying a $600,000 settlement. Given the stakes, it is worth reviewing some basic guidelines for handling harassment and similar complaints.'s picture

#MASSPchat 11/23 - Student Engagement

The Topic: Student Engagement
Legally, Principals in Michigan are required to make note of student engagement when conducting a classroom observation. Clearly, having students deeply engaged in learning is critical to student achievement. Let’s visit the 5D+ student engagement rubric and talk about what evidence we are seeing in classrooms of best practice in this area.