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#MASSPchat 10/5 - Climate and Culture

The Topic: Climate and Culture
No matter how great your school is and how positive the relationships may be there are generally a few folks not "on the bus" (as Collins would say). How do you work with a staff member who is disgruntled or negative? There may even be times when morale on the staff is low in general- how do you turn that around? Let’s share some tips and tricks for creating a positive environment.

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House Ed Committee Passes Evaluation Bill

With its passage yesterday out of the House Education Committee, educator evaluation legislation moved further along in the process toward completion than it has ever been. The bill moved forward on short notice with education groups and committee members alike getting copies of the proposed legislation just the day before the vote. Despite that, the final bill received favorable preliminary reviews from many education groups and school attorneys. It also passed the committee with 14 yes votes out of 17 members.

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AP and the New SAT: What Michigan Principals and Teachers Should Know

Mike Hobolth is the Associate Principal at Lapeer Community Schools, Zemmer Campus and has been an MASSP member since 2002.

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The Role of Feedback and Observation - Support Your Teachers!

Over the last couple of weeks, I encouraged administrators to engage in serious instructional leadership this year. I suggested starting off the year by helping your teachers do an instructional self-assessment, create a instructional growth plan and set goals, and I am finishing by suggesting that teachers get regular and timely feedback towards their goals.

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A Resource - The Facts about Marijuana: Information for Teens

Written by Dr. Jerry Davisson, Principal at Chippewa Valley High School. Jerry also represents Region 9 on the MASSP Board of Directors and has been an association member for more than a dozen years.