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#MASSPchat 3/9 - Best of Series!

The Topic:
This week let’s share some favorites related to the Principalship! Be ready to share your thoughts on "the best" in the following categories:

  • Best preparation for being a Principal
  • Best training/workshop you ever received for being a Principal
  • Best book you have read on being a leader
  • Best movie character for modeling how to be a leader
  • Best leadership quote you've read

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PSAT, SAT, and AP Accommodated Testing

Now that many of you have completed the administration of the ACT and ACT WorkKeys, and are awaiting the onset of M-STEP, we want to address one of the frequently asked questions that has surfaced in recent weeks specific to accommodations for students with disabilities on the SAT. In short, because of the transition to the SAT, it is important to start applying now for accommodations for students with documented disabilities in grades 7-11. Why?

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#MASSPchat 3/2 - Rocks or Sucks

The Topic:
During the NASSP conference last week I had the opportunity to participate in a 3 hour Ed Camp with secondary school Principals from around the US. One of the sessions I selected was titled , “Rocks or Sucks”. The concept is that a topic is put up and the participants need to move to either the it “rocks” or it “sucks” side of the room- there is no sitting on the fence. We are going to try this format for this week’s #masspchat. You need to pick a side for each topic presented- rocks or sucks and explain your position.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

MASSP's second annual Legislative Day was this past Tuesday, February 24 and Principals from around the state once again came to Lansing for a successful day of advocacy on the issues that affect you at the building level. If you couldn't make it to Legislative Day, but would like to use our materials for your local meetings or for talking to your legislators back home, you can find them here. The budget process continued this week with hearings in both the House and Senate.'s picture

Is There a Future Principal on Your Staff?

Why did you go into administration? When you reflect on this question, many of us were fortunate to have the encouragement of a mentor who told us we had "Principal potential." Building administration is a tough gig – we need to help grow the profession by identifying and supporting staff members who have the potential to lead. To this end, MASSP has designed a great one-day, Saturday session to help those interested in Principal positions to prepare for the interview process.

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