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As our members become more and more familiar with the new MyMASSP website, it's time to dig a little deeper! You're asking questions and getting answers, so let's take it a step further! There are SO MANY questions being posted to the general group/audience, it might help you and your colleagues get more direct responses if you actually post your question to a GROUP or AUDIENCE that more specifically relates to the question you are asking.

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Laughter, Fun, and an Injection of Motivation!

While there were only about 100 advisers there, the energy that circulated made it feel like twice as many! This past Thursday/Friday, January 24-25, MASSP hosted advisers from around Michigan at the MASC/MAHS Annual State Advisers Conference in Mt. Pleasant. We kicked off the evening with Karen Dawson, who shared tales of humor and inspiration and provided advisers some much needed laughs and the reinforcement to keep doing what they're doing - leading student leaders. Who knew you could do so much with a paper plate!?!?

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It builds a lot of goodwill in your office

It is fun to watch the pride a principal has when their secretary is selected as one of our four yearly winners in the MASSP/Horace Mann Secretary of the Year Program.

I've seen the pride each of the secretaries have when they are notified that their principal nominated them for the honor.

It's just plan cool.

So, it's nomination season. Take advantage of a opportunity to say to someone, good job!

For the form just search secretary nomination.

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It's a Principal's Welfare Issue

Do you ever have those projects that you have a personal attachment to? Well our workshop entitled, Negotiating Your Contract is one of those for me. I remember one year being told to open the matchbook cover the Supt. handed me to see what my next year's salary and benefits would be. Ever since that time I've always had a slow burn regarding the way building administrators are treated.