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Principal Boot Camp Reflection 2009-2010

1. On March 24, 2010, I attended the conference “Are You Sure They’re Telling the Truth? The Reid Interviewing and Interrogation System.” Having never served as an assistant principal responsible for student discipline, I learned some fantastic techniques when interviewing students whether as witnesses or suspects. I was immediately able to apply the skills I learned at the conference to situations at school. This is a conference that should be offered at the start of the school for all new principals, assistant principals, and deans of students.

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Crossing the Line Should Have a Price

Legislative leaders have let it be known they’re okay if surplus monies in the K-12 School Aid piggy bank are used to cover operational shortfalls in higher education. If our school aid account is depleted to help cover expenses in higher education, a line will be crossed that defies Michigan history and culture.

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction casts doubt that Michigan will receive any monies in the second round of the Race To The Top policy raffle in part because of the separation of K-12 and higher education policy in Michigan.

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Technology Links Worth Checking Out

I noticed a lot of quality technology suggestions coming through the Twitter feed and thought it may be useful to record them here. Thanks to all of you who share!


Class Skype with an Author Here is the link to set it in motion. Skype an Author

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This Week in Lansing: Retirement, RTTT, Algebra II, Evaluation Framework

May 7, 2010

SCHOOL RETIREMENT IN LIMBO – Despite a week of lengthy negotiation sessions—with one running into early morning hours—proposals and counter-offers, some concessions from both sides, lengthy caucuses and the personal involvement of Governor Granholm, the Michigan Legislature ended this week without an agreement on an early retirement plan for public school workers.

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May 5, 2010

Good morning members of the Board of Directors,

This morning we finalized the EPAS system becoming a part of the RTTT application. Thank you to those who got back to me regarding time of year to deliver the EPAS system. Though not totally happy with the options given us, the majority of the twelve responding selected Option 1: