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Information from the Source, not fifth hand...

Last week (September 11 -12) I was part of the Michigan Team that attended the American Diploma Project Network – Annual State Leadership Team Meeting. Thirty-Six states have now signed on with the ADP project. Each of the states agreed to develop academic standards that enable K-12 graduating seniors to be college ready and workforce ready. Everyone in the room agreed that to have a job that enables the person to earn an income that can sustain a family requires training past high school.

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Student ID Policies????

Our high school is in the first year of a new Student I.D. Policy. The new policy mandates that all students wear their School I.D. around the neck on a school provided lanyard. The students are doing a fantastic job of following this policy, though there are always a few! Are there any schools out there that have created a similar policy with successful consequences (for students not following the policy) attached? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Carl Shultz

Asst. Principal

Belleville High School

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Feeling Good - Back to School PodCasts.

Hope you've listened to one or more of our Back to School podcasts.
I'm feeling that we've done a real service for our members with them. I just finished listening to the one we did with Sally Vaughn, Chief Academic Office/Association Supt. for MDE. Yes, I wish I was a better interviewer, but the "what's the one thing you want a principal to know" questions give great direction to you as a school administrator.

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Milan High Academy -- Monday, August 25th -- High School Transformation

On Monday, August 25th, Milan High is hosting an
academy to present some of the high school transformation work that has
been completed here.  The sessions include:  Freshmen
transition plan;  Algebra I (less than 5% failure for all
Freshmen): English 9 (less than 5% failure);  Senior Rigor
(Portfolio, and other topics.

<> Click on the following link to download the academy brochure...

Milan High Academy