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Good Work – I Hope

Members are demonstrating anxiety over new legislation dealing with yearly teacher observations, and, with good reason. The idea of linking job performance with job evaluation is a good one. But, as in most cases the position that is responsible to make it work it work is the building principal.

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One out of Two

Learned this week that in the U.S.A., one out of two people unemployed, resides(ed) in Michigan.

Our podcast about the new proposed retirement plan we recorded and published last Friday afternoon has been downloaded 1,737 since then (7 days). The number continues to grow each day.

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Jim's Testimony to Senate RE: Educational Development Plans

February 11, 2010

Members of the Senate Education Committee

Thank you for running the new, much improved, version of SB 757 by us before committee. From what you shared with us, I understand it to focus on Education Development Plans only. I shared this section with members of my Board of Directors. We have the following comments.

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Great visiting

Tuesday I was invited to meet with the principals of Ingham County. It is always great to visit with them. We went through some of the recent reform legislation. I focused on those areas that impact the building principal right away. I was a little surprised, and pleased, at all the questions. I started with the changes to personal curriculum committee legislative language and then moved onto the Algebra II clarity language. I’m beginning to feel these two topics will be the focus of my career.

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Yearly Evaluation

I recently sat with the Executive Director of the MEA, Lou Battaglieri, for some information sharing and friendship renewal. Lou wanted me to know what he, the MEA, was doing in regard to MOU issues. I wanted to listen and learn, and share with him what our association was saying.