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Is the budget crisis threatening the principalship?

Over the past few years I have noticed a disturbing trend. Administrative cuts have taken away many of the assistant principals in the state. Many have been replaced with attendance officers, deans of students, or other various non-principal names.

I understand the dilemma. The district needs to save money and these new positions are created to cut salaries. The position may focus on discipline or attendance but may lack leadership duties. The result is that the training ground for principals is reduced.

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Office Update: EPAS/Evaluations/Elections/SB-CEU's/Student Handbook Policy Service

April 24, 2010

Dear Members of the Board,

This past week MASSP staff had three significant accomplishments. The first two involve the Departments second attempt at Race To The Top funding, and the third our website.

The MDE is working on a very tight timeline for the second application and for the past week has had every day filled with consensus group meetings. MSU is moderating all the meetings and every statewide association is involved. MDE is not going to be subjected to “you didn’t include us” again.

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Can a "regular small school" become an Early College

I have been blessed in my administrative career to have worked in some great small high schools. I believed we did a good job preparing students for college. Unfortunately I also watched many of these "well" prepared students return to the small community after dropping out of college. We may have prepared these students academically, but they were not prepared for the experience of college.

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Michigan Not Alone Reforming Teacher Retirement Programs

April 15, 2010 - Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Wednesday signed into law the bill that establishes a “two-tier” platform for the various State pension systems, including the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS).

The controversial bill was pushed through the legislature in one day. On March 24, the bill was approved by the House Personnel and Pensions Committee, the full House of Representatives, the Senate Executive Committee, and the full Senate.

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An Invitation to Play In the Sandbox

The invitation to the Michigan Department of Education read: