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Another added value of an MASSP membership

I recently had the opportunity to do a presentation to our school board about the planning and implementation of the EXPLORE test at Kingsford Middle School. I was also able to explain the benefits of the test for our district and the individual student results. The response that Mr. Ballard sent to the MDE regarding EXPLORE for all in Michigan, which is posted on the MASSP website, was an excellent resource for this presentation. There was clear, concise information that was very valuable and easily understood when I highlighted the key points to our school board.

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Region One

Region One Updates
Region One principals gathered together Dec 2 & 3. 16 members from one end of the U.P. to the other were accounted for. Dave Holmes from Kingsford middle school gave us all a great lesson in the use of mymassp. If any one needs information give Dave a call. Mymassp will be changing formats this week. Login and see the changes. This is a very useful site; check out the principal's help desk!'s picture

Winter HS Transformation Academy set for Dec. 14th at Milan High

Come to the one-day seminar on the unique educational ideas, approaches and systems in place at Milan High to help each and every child succeed! Come hear best practice ideas on Monday,
December 14th at Milan High School. Sessions times: 8 am – 11am noon-2:30pm.
Cost: $200 per person per day or $100 per half-day session; Groups: 1 free registration for every 5th staff member!
Sessions include:

Session A: Math For All: Algebra & Geometry Session I (all educators)

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The Michigan I love - Good bye

October 30, 2009

Today the Governor finished the budget process. And, here’s what is now certain. The Promise scholarship that principals supported so strongly is gone. Period. As a principal and parent you know how important this was, to so many. I hate to see it go.

Quick fixes to soften the cuts in school funding for 09-10? Not going to happen. The pain of the Michigan downsize has arrived for us all in the education community. We are left with doing nothing but cut, or, do what we do much more cost effective.

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Please Take the Lotto Monies

The supposed quick fixes for school funding is the expansion of times for liquor sales, and add to tobacco taxes. Hey, I’m all for more money for schools. But, do we always have to do it by selling more products that if used by our students they'd get suspended? And, I wish schools had never gotten the lotto money! That money is used against us more than it helps.

Let corrections use the lotto and sin tax money. I’d look forward to a drive passing a billboard saying – Your MI lotto money at work helping support MI's convicts.