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Forming School-to-School International Partnerships

Greetings Jim,

I am writing from Michigan State University about a ground breaking project linking high schools in the United States with high schools in Algeria. This "Partnership Schools Program," funded by the U.S. State Department, is a collaborative program between Michigan State University, Creative Associates International in Washington, D.C., and the Algerian Ministry of National Education.

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Meeting with Senate Staff Regarding Compulsory

On Tuesday, November 13th, I was asked to join Dave Michelson, MEA in a meeting with the legislative staff of Senator Brater. She has had for a number of years a bill that would raise the compulsory school age to eighteen, and wants to take a run at it again. Senate Bill 11 is her version. There is a House bill that is scheduled for a hearing in December.

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Leadership Classes in Michigan

We've slowly collected some information from advisers around Michigan regarding leadership classes. If you are interested in knowing more about offering a leadership class at your school (high school or middle), these advisers have established programs and are willing to share their information. We hope to continue building this page as we discover more schools offering leadership classes!

Click below to go to the MASC/MAHS webpage:

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This Legislature seems to be a very bad joke

Once again we’ve been led to believe the 2007-08 budget was complete, and once again we learn that agreement has not been reached. This has gone on since May. It is impacting schools, and it is impacting MASSP membership. Many believe, because they submitted their membership materials to central office to be paid that their membership is in. It isn’t!