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Band for P.E. Credit... Not So Much (SB 0365)

If this Bill passes the fifth bullet may impact you!  You may want your district spokesperson to contact your Senator!


Senate Bill 365 would amend the Revised School Code to do the following: 

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Here’s What We Did For You Today

The State Superintendent’s memo regarding the use of power standards you received in the past few days is the result of a lot of work by MASSP. The memo vindicates what we’ve been saying to you ever since the passage of the MMC -- there is a lot more flexibility in the standards than believed.

MASSP put considerable effort into getting this memo written to your advantage, the building principal. I hope you will now put it to your use.'s picture

Milan High School Summer Academy 2009 -- June 15th and 16th

Milan High is again hosting a summer academy open to education professionals - teachers, para pros, administrators and curriculum leaders are all invited to attend. This year, Milan High has taught all freshmen both Algebra and Geometry as its minimum math offering, with only a 5% failure rate. Our math teacher and special education consultant will team to present their work.

Likewise, our English 9 & 10 teachers will share their standards-based program -- where students can design their own learning to demonstrate mastery of the content expectations. Again, the emphasis is on limiting failure in meeting the MMC.

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When I was offered to see the world’s top math schools in action – I jumped at the chance. I did, however, have to travel a little ways to do so. In the United States, only 6% of 8th-grade students reached the advanced benchmark for international mathematics standards compared to 45% for Taiwan. Taiwanese high school students earn the top spot globally, and their government offered to fly a few of us from Michigan over to share ideas. The venture was called the 2009 American Educators Project and was fully funded by the Taiwanese.

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We’re Not Alone

We have not yet taken a position in regard to House Bill 4410 (The Sheltrown bill). None of the statewide associations with whom we work have either. The superintendent association has not. The ISD superintendent association has not. The school board's association has not. The MEA has not. The Department of Education has not. The MI Chamber has not. And, no legislative caucus has as well. Yet, MASSP is threatened by some from the CTE community to support the bill or lose their membership.