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Hey, the door to get on the bus in on the wrong side!

Over 240 Michigan schools have joined the International Networking for Educational Transformation(iNet) iNet, is an international network of schools, organizations, and, individuals who are committed to transforming learning through innovation. MSU is the link for Michigan schools to connect with iNet.

I was invited as a guest of iNet to join their international conference in Birmingham, England. Once getting permission from my wife, Nancy, to be gone during Thanksgiving, and the Executive Committee of MASSP to pay for my air fare, I said yes to this lifetime opportunity.

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Online Scheduling

As I prepare to enter my second attempt at the high school scheduling process, please provide some feedback for online scheduling software.

In an attempt to reduce schedule changes and a smooth start to the school year for students, we would like to empower students and parents in the scheduling process. Online scheduling would achieve this for several reasons. Student take responsibility for their choices, time windows opened and closed by technology are concrete, demonstrates forward thinking and practice, students are tech savvy, frees counselor time for working with more complex issues, and most importantly it would be fair and consistent.

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Controlling Your Q & A Emails

Now that we have a great new feature on our website that allows members to see all questions posted and even reply directly from your email, we have had some members inquire as to how to control the many emails coming across your desk!

Step by step, here's how to control the flow of emails - first in text, step by step, then below that, graphic images of how your screen will look and what you'll see!

1. Log in to the website with your username and password.

2. On the next screen you are sent to, scroll down until you see on the RIGHT, your username at the top of one of those boxes. That is your "usermenu".

3. In the usermenu, click on MY GROUPS.

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Region 7 Meeting

There will be a region 7 meeting on Wednesday, November 12 at the LaCantina restaurant in Paw Paw. A social will begin @ 5:00 with dinner @ 6:00. Jim Ballard will be at the meeting to answer any questions we may have. Please RSVP to me as soon as possible: Hope to see you there.

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Information from the Source, not fifth hand...

Last week (September 11 -12) I was part of the Michigan Team that attended the American Diploma Project Network – Annual State Leadership Team Meeting. Thirty-Six states have now signed on with the ADP project. Each of the states agreed to develop academic standards that enable K-12 graduating seniors to be college ready and workforce ready. Everyone in the room agreed that to have a job that enables the person to earn an income that can sustain a family requires training past high school.