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Student ID Policies????

Our high school is in the first year of a new Student I.D. Policy. The new policy mandates that all students wear their School I.D. around the neck on a school provided lanyard. The students are doing a fantastic job of following this policy, though there are always a few! Are there any schools out there that have created a similar policy with successful consequences (for students not following the policy) attached? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Carl Shultz

Asst. Principal

Belleville High School

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Feeling Good - Back to School PodCasts.

Hope you've listened to one or more of our Back to School podcasts.
I'm feeling that we've done a real service for our members with them. I just finished listening to the one we did with Sally Vaughn, Chief Academic Office/Association Supt. for MDE. Yes, I wish I was a better interviewer, but the "what's the one thing you want a principal to know" questions give great direction to you as a school administrator.

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Here's a tip for the start of the new school year!

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Milan High Academy -- Monday, August 25th -- High School Transformation

On Monday, August 25th, Milan High is hosting an
academy to present some of the high school transformation work that has
been completed here.  The sessions include:  Freshmen
transition plan;  Algebra I (less than 5% failure for all
Freshmen): English 9 (less than 5% failure);  Senior Rigor
(Portfolio, and other topics.

<> Click on the following link to download the academy brochure...

Milan High Academy 

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More Ammunition in the MI Math War

Our friends at Achieve have recently published some very helpful documents regarding linking the call for higher math skills and the modern workplace.

Here are some sites to go:

And -

Building Blocks give the rationale for the higher math expectations.

Math at Work are six different publications that show how math is critical in different work groups.

As the building administrator you're going to be a point person. You will find these materials very helpful.