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"Take One For The Team" Doesn't Seem to Work for Building Principals

Saturday, March 1st, the association hosted an event for members to come together to share their experiences and ideas about contract strategies for their local bargaining association. Twenty-five MASSP members listened as Tom White, Executive Director of the school business officials gave insight to school funding, the Michigan economy, and retirement issues to understand when at the bargaining table. Tom Derderian, the labor attorney used by MASSP advised on strategies and answered questions specific to member contracts and group obligations. After Mr.

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Advocating for the Principal – It’s been a good week

February 15, 2008 – I spent some time in the Governor’s Office visiting with Chuck Wilbur, Education Policy Advisor for Governor Granholm. Joining me was Don Wotruba, MASB Government Affairs Director. Our topic was the Governor’s proposed 21st Century Schools proposal, i.e., Small High Schools. We advised Chuck that many were seeing this as a “bricks and mortar” proposal. And, a surprising number of perceived to be high performance high schools met the criteria to be eligible for grants under the original wording. He was surprised and said this was not the intent.

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Last Chance

Nominations for Secretary of the Year are due February 15th!

March 1st is the special workshop on employment contracts - sign up!

CTE Showcase entries are due...

Come'on West Michigan, sign up for "Are They Telling the Truth!"

Try not to forget valentines day.

Get these done, you're cool.

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Technology Blog

As our members become more and more familiar with the new MyMASSP website, it's time to dig a little deeper! You're asking questions and getting answers, so let's take it a step further! There are SO MANY questions being posted to the general group/audience, it might help you and your colleagues get more direct responses if you actually post your question to a GROUP or AUDIENCE that more specifically relates to the question you are asking.