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Revenue Estimates Up, But Uncertainty Looms

The January 2016 Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference (CREC) projects that School Aid Fund revenue for next year's budget will be up approximately $326 million from the current year and future growth looks promising. Additionally, Michigan's long time statewide pupil decline looks to be slowing. But Governor Snyder may be proposing a massive shift in income tax revenue away from the School Aid Fund; the House is already set to debate a complete phase out of the income tax; and economic uncertainty looms at the federal level in the wake of the presidential election.

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AP Capstone: What If We Taught High School Students How to Do Real Research?

Mike Hobolth is the Associate Principal at Lapeer Community Schools, Zemmer Campus and has been an MASSP member since 2002

About four years ago, I noticed a national media piece about a partnership between the College Board, the owner/operator of the Advanced Placement Program, and Cambridge University; the partnership was piloting a new AP diploma program, a two-year apprenticeship supporting students in planning, proposing, implementing and publishing an original research project. AP Capstone was gaining attention from many universities across the country.

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Unpacking Michigan's New CPR/AED Training Law

On December 28, Governor Snyder signed Public Act 233 of 2016 (SB 647), which will embed CPR and AED training as part of Michigan's health content standards for students in grades 7-12. Even though this change will not take affect until the 2017-2018 school year, many Principals are trying to get ahead of the curve and figure out what the new law entails.

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#MASSPchat 12/19 - The Holiday Season (Take Care of Yourself!)

The Topic:
School administrators have incredibly challenging jobs and every year around this time, I start to think about how nice it will be to celebrate Christmas and take time to be with family and rejuvenate. I hope that you will all have the opportunity to take advantage of some much needed rest over the next few weeks. It not only healthy to take breaks, but it is also healthy to think about how administrators take care of themselves during the school year.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

A rather tame lame duck session wrapped on Thursday evening after two late nights, including one that went into the wee hours of Thursday morning. The legislature passed a flurry of bills, as is typical for lame duck, but the final picture looks pretty good for the school community.