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#MASSPchat - How Much Does It Cost to Educate a Child in Michigan?

The Topic: How Much Does It Cost to Educate a Child in Michigan?

The Michigan School Finance Collaborative recently released an extensive report that outlines how much it really costs to educate a child. The report takes into account a wide variety of factors in its findings such as poverty, special education, English Language Learners, CTE, transportation and wrap around services just to name a few. Let's discuss some of the key points outlined in the report this week.

Here is a link to a short video overview about the work of the Collaborative:

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Succession Planning in an Era of Unprecedented Shortage

Written by Steve Hawley, Principal, Lake Orion High School and MASSP Region 12 Representative.

The conversation around the current educator shortage brings ample debate as to the causes creating the unprecedented shallowing of the pool of certified teachers in the State of Michigan and beyond. Nevertheless, school districts are left with the ever-increasing, difficult task of not only filling vacant teaching positions, but also adequately planning to fill the leadership positions within their schools as they become available.'s picture

#MASSPchat - Mid-Year Check-In

The Topic:
It's the end of January…exams are done and we are half way through the year. How is your school progressing on school improvement goals? How are your teachers moving toward the goals they set at the beginning of the year? Are you making strides toward your personal goals? What gets monitored gets done – lets check in.

The Questions:

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Reminder: World Language Requirements Change for Class of 2022

Scheduling season is here and—as many Principals are doubtless aware—the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) world language requirements change again for this year's eighth grade class. In 2014, the Legislature added language that allowed students graduating in 2016-2021 to substitute CTE or an additional credit of visual, performing, or applied arts (VPAA) for one of the two required credits in world language. This option goes away for the class of 2022, the cohort of students currently in eighth grade.

Below, we've reviewed the law, the relevant MDE guidance, and pending legislation to help Principals understand what options they have and what changes may be on the horizon.

The Law and Your Options

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Tools for Analyzing Your PSAT/SAT Data - Compare & Contrast Data

Participants who attend MASSP's Data Analysis Protocol 2.0 Workshop will have the opportunity to participate in new learning activities and that have been designed to showcase valuable resources related to the SAT and suite of assessments. In the coming weeks and months, MASSP will be highlighting some of the tools and methods we cover during the workshop that Principals may want to adopt in their buildings.

Compare & Contrast Data Chart

The first installment in this series is our Compare & Contrast Data chart, which helps participants identify mean test and section (EBRW, Math) scores and benchmark proficiency levels as compared to state averages. Participants then use this information to compare data to like schools for better analysis.