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#MASSPchat 12/5 - Ensuring All Learners are Successful

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Differentiating is imperative for learner success and is critical if we wish to close the achievement gaps that exist within our schools. When differentiation is present educators have clarity over what we want students to be able to DO and KNOW (learning targets connected to standards) and HOW we will know they have learned it (assessment thought success criteria and performance tasks). Once this is clear we can then focus on differentiating the CONTENT, PROCESS, PRODUCT, and ENVIRONMENT.'s picture

Accommodations on National Weekend SAT Administrations

More and more students are looking to take the SAT another time in addition to the state-provided administration. In response, many Michigan schools have signed up to serve as weekend test centers. However, even if your school hasn't signed up to be a weekend test center, students with certain accommodations may still be looking to test at your location.

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#MASSPchat 11/28 - Staff Book Study

The Topic: Staff Book Study
A book study is a great way to kick off a new initiative, help your building work through common challenges, or give you another tool to get your staff on the same page. It can also build leadership capacity, create a platform for important discussions about the work that we all share as educators, and help build a common set of language and references. This week, let's chat about staff book study best practices and the books we've had success with.

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Lame Duck MPSERS Reform: Fact or Fiction?

Back in early October, I told attendees at the MASSP Principal's Summit that, depending on the outcome of the election, MPSERS reform was one possible issue that could come up during this year's lame duck session. Since then, I've lost track of the number of emails I've received with questions about what the legislature intends to do. With lame duck slated to start in just a few days, let's review what little we actually know and how much we don't.

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#MASSPchat 11/21 - Classroom Culture

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As educators, we often spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about new strategies, programs, and techniques to reach our students. While those things cannot be neglected, we sometimes overlook the immense power that the environment and culture in your classroom plays in the learning process. As we think meaningfully about our work, let us reflect about the culture in our classrooms and chat about ways to encourage a powerful culture within each learning environment.