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Think Ahead About MDE's Parent Dashboard

Last week, the Michigan Department of Education Released their new Parent Dashboard, a new online data portal that is replacing the old color-coded school report card and other previous school accountability systems. The new dashboard eschews letter grades for schools in favor of simplified analytics—like student growth and proficiency—that are compared against both the statewide average and other schools with similar demographics.

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Member Spotlight: Mark Palmer

We want to share good news about education! MASSP is turning the spotlight on members who are making an impact in their school, district and community. Spotlighted members exemplify the mission of the MASSP: To advance learning through educational leadership.

Mark Palmer, Principal, St. Johns High School

How long have you worked in education?
Mid way through year number 30 right now! One year as athletic director at Shepherd High School, 7 years teaching math and history at Fowlerville High School, three years as associate principal at Lake Orion High School, and the last 18 years at St. Johns High School!

How long have you been an administrator?

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Teacher Scholarships Available for AP Summer Institute

Each year, the College Board awards scholarships for qualifying teachers to attend an AP Summer Institute (APSI). They also award scholarships to teachers who are required to attend an AP Capstone professional development event. These programs are offered to teachers who meet the specific requirements described below. The deadline for all applications is all February 15. Michigan's AP Summer Institutes will be held this year at Grand Blanc High School (June 26-29) and Grandville High School (July 16-19).'s picture

#MASSPchat - Picture This!

The Topic:
One of the things I love about my job is that I get to visit schools and ISDs around the State. I enjoy seeing the innovative and creative things being done and I often tweet pictures which get a lot of likes and re-tweets. So this week is an opportunity to share pictures from your school of great things that are happening with different topics each day. I'm really looking forward to seeing what all of you have to share!

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#MASSPchat - Gym Season

The gym season is well underway…its the time of year where middle level and high school Administrators spend many nights and weekends supervising a wide array of events. During #MASSPchat we generally focus on instructional leadership topics, but this week let's talk about some management items that you are likely to consumed with: athletic events, dances, band concerts and student council activities.

The Questions: