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Turning Technologies - New MASSP Sponsor

MASSP is pleased to welcome Turning Technologies as a sponsor and a partner in education. Turning Technologies, a leader the industry leader in Student Response Systems, generously donated 150 clickers to MASSP for use during conferences and one-day sessions to gain instant response and opinions for attendees. We look forward to modeling the effective use of this technology in hopes that members will also see the benefits to instant response systems in the classroom.

Transforming Pedagogy with Turning Technologies’ Student Response Systems

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Surviving the Principalship

Three weeks ago, one of the assistant principals left Grand Blanc High School to become the principal of Davison High School. I wanted to wait a few weeks and send him a letter, one that provided some advice on how to be an effective principal. As I reflected on what this letter would entail, I realized it was the advice I would often give myself and close professional friends, if they asked.'s picture

Weighing the Permissibility of Student Internet Speech

By: Rick Kroopnick, Lusk & Albertson PLC

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Parent/Teacher Conferences: Seize The Moment!

Most schools are in the throws of either conducting or planning for fall Parent/Teacher Conferences. What a great time to think about this well entrenched tradition in our schools. Will this experience leave your parents and staff feeling better...or bitter? Will it be sweet...or cause sweat? I don't know about you, but I know more than a couple awesome teachers who are confident and magical in a classroom full of kids who become a cotton-mouthed, ball of nerves in front of parents.

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Well, My Final MASSP Project Is About To Be Released – GoObserve

Everything has its time. Back when Palm Pilot technology was the rage, three of us developed an idea to use Palms to ease the demands of classroom observations. At the time, we thought our membership would be so taken by the efficiency of our observation program that principals would join the Association just to have free access. We were wrong…well, not totally. We had the right concept, just the wrong platform and wrong time. A few MASSP members who tried GoObserve back in the early 2000’s are still using it today and love it, but change is continual.

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