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Second Week of Testimony on Ed Eval Bill

The Senate Education Committee took its second week of testimony on SB 103, a gutted educator evaluation bill that puts the focus on student growth rather than professional practice. Several groups spoke on the legislation and while a number of organizations supported the bill on paper, their testimony told a different story.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

After letting the issue languish for nearly a year, the Senate Education Committee has finally started debating educator evaluation legislation.

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Senate Debates Eval Bill, MASSP Testifies

On Tuesday, the Senate Education Committee took testimony on SB 103, a largely stripped down version of educator evaluation legislation introduced by committee chair Sen. Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair). MASSP opposes this legislation and testified against the bill, which fails to ensure that Principals have access to quality evaluation tools or the training they deserve.

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House Takes Up MMC, Bake Sale Bills

The House Education Committee took testimony, but did not vote Tuesday on a pair of bills that would impact secondary Principals. The first was legislation that has already passed the Senate and would restore the ability of schools to allow some bake sales and other food-related fundraisers during the school day. The second is a new bill that would allow a course in personal economics and financial literacy to substitute for a student's .5 credit economics graduation requirement—so long as the replacement course covers the state's economics content standards.

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#MASSPchat 4/20 – Learning Targets: A Foundation of Learning

The Topic:
If you have done any work with Formative Assessment, CASL, or standards-based grading, or many other powerful instructional initiatives, you will have worked with learning targets. Lets talk about how learning targets are a part of our learning culture for students and learn together at #MASSPchat on April 20 at 8:00!