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The Kids Were Clicking at Dewitt High School

This past week I visited Principal Jody McKean at Dewitt High School as his 9th grade students were participating in the MASSP/Turning Technologies Explore Clicker Pilot. David Chizar and Tina Rooks from Turning Technologies and Bruce Umpstead from the MDE were also on site to get feedback from Jody, his students and his staff on the process. While visiting Dewitt, we were able to get a glimpse of a couple of classrooms, who were at different points of the planning and preparation process.'s picture

Building Buy In for EXPLORE and PLAN Testing

Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys testing. It is a hassle for Administration to organize and facilitate, it is nerve wracking for teachers who don’t like to proctor and it seems like a waste of time to the kids and possibly to their parents as well. How do you combat the negatives and build a positive case for EXPLORE and PLAN testing?

Explain why you are testing:

Once people understand the why and they see how it will benefit student success, many of the negatives can be overcome. Create a short PowerPoint or Prezi that includes the essentials:

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Balanced Leadership - A Principal's Challenge

Setting the Stage

I can remember it as if it were yesterday, “sit down Ben, I want to talk with you about some concerns I have with the noise coming out of your classroom.”  I was teaching a 9th grade Biology class in the city of Chicago, and the principal called me in to his office. 

“My concern is that when I walked by your room, I noticed it was very noisy.  At our school we find that rows have proven to be better for classroom management and keeping the noise down.” 

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Concrete Collaboration

I recently had the opportunity to present at the Assistant Principal Summit about using Twitter as a resource for professional development and building your Professional Learning Network.  

The following link is a follow-up to that presentation illustrating the power of the PLN.

Conrete Collaboration

Leave a comment.  Tell me what you think. 

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It’s Not Too Late to Join the EXPLORE Clicker Pilot

The top 10 reasons why your school should participate:

  1. In the near future all of our high stakes assessments will be in a digital format, why not start preparing students and staff now?

  2. The pilot group of students in Naperville Illinois showed no statistical difference between their pencil and clicker test takers – no worries about skewed results.

  3. There is no cost for participating. The clickers will be delivered for use during testing – just ship them back upon completion.

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