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A Letter to MI Policy Makers from Macomb County's Principals

The following is a letter from Macomb County's Principals to state policy makers and education leaders regarding the proposed spring 2015 student assessments.

Dear Leaders and Policy Makers:

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Michigan's Crimson Tide? (A Post-Election Post-Mortem)

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (and if you're a Democrat, that might not sound like a bad idea after Tuesday's election) you already know that, with a few notable exceptions, Republican candidates swept most races across the state. But what exactly does that look like for the make-up of the legislature for next year? What about the State Board and other races that didn't grab the front page, above-the-fold headlines? And how do these results impact the political climate in Lansing going into 2015?

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What Will The Republican Wave Mean for Ed Policy in 2015?

Voters painted the state red on Election Day. So what is this wave of Republican success going to mean for education policy for the next two years? While it's a little too early to have a good sense of the 98th state legislature, given the outcome of Tuesday's general election and Thursday's House and Senate leadership elections, we can make some inferences.

Here are the issues and debates we expect the legislature to focus on going into 2015:'s picture

MDE Extends Online Testing Waiver Deadline

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) announced this week that the outside contractor who will be printing the paper/pencil Spring 2015 assessments has agreed to extend its project schedule by one week. As a result, MDE has extended the deadline for schools to opt for the paper/pencil waiver option to Friday, November 21, 2014.

MDE is using the additional week to best prepare the information and guidance to schools on the Spring assessment, and will provide it to schools next week—the week of November 10-14.

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Some Thoughts on Ebola and Gun Violence

by Dr. Steve Fink, Executive Director of the Center for Educational Leadership (CEL)

Last week in the span of 36 hours I was confronted with the oddest juxtaposition of visual images; in total, a poignant manifestation of powerful events gripping our country.