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MCEE/Teacher Evaluation Testimony

On Wednesday, MASSP provided testimony before the House Education Committee outlining the Association's priorities regarding teacher evaluation and the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness (MCEE) final recommendations.

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Impact of Federal Shutdown on Schools and State Programs

State aid payments to schools should not be impacted by the shutdown, though the ongoing Common Core debacle could cause some delays in processing federal grants. However, if the shutdown drags past the end of October, huge portions of the state's social safety net and some federally funded early childhood programs could be forced to cease operations. School lunch programs could see a hit if the shutdown lasts into November.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The Senate took testimony on Wednesday about the Common Core State Standards as the debate continues to drag on in Lansing about whether the legislature will lift a ban against the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) expending any money on CCSS. Since Michigan school districts are still bound by law to move ahead with CCSS implementation, the practical impact of the ongoing legislative debate is continued uncertainty for educators rather than an actual "pause" in implementation.

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Senate CCSS Hearing: Tea Party vs. Everyone Else

After roughly three and a half hours of testimony on Wednesday, Senate Republicans still seem undecided on how and when to move forward with resolving Michigan's ongoing debate over the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

However, while CCSS is certainly the topic of discussion, the underlying political battle seems to have a lot more to do with Tea Party conservatives versus traditional conservatives and not nearly as much to with the content or quality of the standards.

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Clarification on Impact of Common Core Ban

MASSP has received a number of inquiries from members about where Michigan stands with relation to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the impact of the "pause" on CCSS and Smarter Balanced.

As of today, October 1, language in the MDE budget takes effect and prevents the Department from expending funds to implement CCSS and the Smarter Balanced assessment.