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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

Despite legislators being back home for their so-called “in district work period,” this past week was not without legislative fireworks. A ruling last Monday by the Ingham Circuit Court at least temporarily blocks the union dues collection ban and has the potential to stymie most if not all legislative activity for the remainder of the year.'s picture

First Year Principal Induction and Training

A principal’s first year is as important as it is challenging. Despite the fact that the first year is essential for laying a foundation for success, new principals are given the keys to the building and then left on their own to sink or swim. With a high number of principal turnover expected in the next few years as the “Baby Boomers” retire from school administration, there is a need for districts to ensure that new principals are provided with effective training, tools, and resources to ensure their success.

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This Week in State Politics in Five Sentences (or Fewer)

Senator Kahn created the biggest stir this week with the introduction of SB 1040, a bill to significantly overhaul the MPSERS system. Not to be outdone, the Senate K-12 Appropriations Subcommittee heard State Superintendent Mike Flanagan concede that, despite what it says in the Governor’s budget recommendation, the MEAP test is not an effective measure of growth.

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"View from the Capitol" Covers Retirement Reform, Cybers and More

This week I joined Peter Spadafore from MASB on “Views from the Capitol” to discuss the latest on cyber schools, the budget, and MPSERS reform. Because the webinar format for this program is interactive, we were able to answer viewers’ questions in real time while still making a recording of our presentation available for those who were not able to join us live.'s picture

Thanks to MASSP!

I attended my last MASSP board meeting this past week. As usual, I probably spoke too much, got caught up in issues that are not my first priority, and generally enjoyed the experience. I have had the good fortune of serving our association for the last seven years -- including the last three in the role of president-elect, president and now past president. For me, it was an amazing time in education in this state and nation, as well as inside the association, and I am humbled by the opportunity I was given to serve our association during this time.

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