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Free Professional Development for AP Computer Science Principles

The MI STEM Advisory Council in cooperation with is offering FREE professional development (including meals and lodging) to teachers who want to teach AP Computer Science Principles (grades 10-12). Michigan no longer requires a computer science endorsement to teach computer science classes, so any teacher with an interest and aptitude can offer the course. Additionally, the PD will provide interested teachers with the resources needed (including a course curriculum) to teach AP Computer Science Principles this coming fall. AP CSP only has 27 seats remaining, so sign up soon to reserve your seat.

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This Week in Politics in 5 Sentences (or Fewer)

The House Judiciary Committee took it's second week of testimony on a quartet of bills that would make significant changes to Michigan truancy laws and this week the school community had its opportunity to make the case for amendments to the bills. MASSP has been working with MASA, MASB, and committee members to ensure that the bills do not impose unworkable policies on local districts and, based on how Tuesday's testimony was received, we believe we are making progress in getting our issues resolved.'s picture

Get On Board with MiDataHub

Has your district signed up for and joined the Michigan Data Hub (MiDataHub)? MiDataHub provides a platform that standardizes data for districts and allows us to tackle the common data issues that we all struggle with including managing student growth and assessment data, state reporting, and transfer student records. The use of MiDataHub is provided free of charge and with full local control of all data usage.

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Help Us Help You: OK2SAY Keeping Michigan Students Safe

In the wake of the school tragedy in Florida, many people are wondering how they can keep their schools safe. Others in Michigan, have been contacting our office for more information, resources (banners, posters, etc.) and to inquire how to schedule a free OK2SAY presentation.'s picture

Accelerating Credit: What can schools do to ensure students have a step toward their future after graduation?

High school students from across Michigan are benefitting from earning college credits while in high school. Not only is this a significant financial advantage, but research also shows students who earn credit in high school are more likely to graduate from college. By 2025, 65 percent of jobs in Michigan will require a postsecondary credential, and our workforce is not yet prepared to meet these new demands. As noted in a report titled The Best Education System for Michigan’s Success, "Only 36 percent of Michiganders over 25 years of age have earned an associate degree or higher – ranking Michigan 35th for degree attainment."