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Help Change the Conversation Around Public Education

The Michigan Public Schools (MPSP), an exciting collaboration of public education supporters seeking to change the conversation around and perceptions about Michigan’s public schools, is starting publication of a digital magazine. InspirED Michigan will launch in September 2014 and is taking story submissions from educators across the state that highlight the work that is happening every day in our public schools to positively impact communities and find solutions to problems through education.

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Webinar: MMC Changes Plus Your Questions Answered

Do you understand how the changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum law are going to impact your building and your students? Still not exactly sure what options you and your students have with regard to algebra 2, world language, or career and technical education? If you answered yes or simply want to make sure that you really do understand the recent changes in law, make sure to watch this pre-recorded webinar.

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MASSP To Host Q&A Webinar on MMC Changes

Still not sure exactly what the recent changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) law mean for you? We don't have all the answers, but we do have some!

On Thursday, August 21, 2014 from 10:00am to 11:00am, MASSP will be hosting a webinar to review the recent changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) law and answer your questions. Join MASSP Executive Director Wendy Zdeb-Roper and Assistant Director for Government Relations Bob Kefgen to get the answers to your MMC questions.

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MDE Announces Details for Spring 2015 Assessment

The Michigan Department of Education has announced several details about the Spring 2015 state-developed summative assessments that will be the interim replacements for the old MEAP and MME. The 2014-15 K-12 budget bill required the MDE to develop a new summative assessment for use in Spring 2015. The announcement did not include any new details about the college entrance or work skills examination for 11th graders, but does outline a plan that will mean a great deal more testing for 11th grade students.

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MDE Public Hearing Draws a Crowd

In addition to taking public comment via email or letter, the Michigan Department of Education held a public hearing this past Wednesday to give citizens a chance to present their concerns directly to Department representatives. MASSP was there as were several Principals from around the state and well over 100 other educators, legislative staff, reporters, and citizens.

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