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Staying Out of Trouble in an Election Year

The 2016 election is already contentious and promises to become more so as we get closer to November. For Principals, this could lead to some…interesting situations as students and teachers engage in the democratic process. To help guide you through and hopefully keep your election year trouble-free (at least until after the votes are counted), MASSP went to the archives and turned up a couple of pieces from our friends at the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) that we hope Principals will find helpful.

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State Releases Spring 2016 M-STEP, MME Results

As Principals across the state are doubtless aware, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) publically released final results of the spring 2016 M-STEP and MME. While this is not news to schools, who have had their own results for a while, the media coverage may lead to questions from parents, students, and others as the school year begins.

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School Reform Office Makes Waves About Closing Schools

Michigan's School Reform Office (SRO) made headlines this past week after Chalkbeat Detroit published an article in which officials in that office were quoted as saying they planned to close the state's "lowest 5%" schools.

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MASSP Launches Engage Bill Tracker

With a new school year getting underway and an election and lame duck legislative session looming, Principals may find themselves searching for information about specific bills that they have heard about. To that end, MASSP has launched Bill Tracker through our Engage Advocacy Tool. Principals can look up specific legislation either by bill number or descriptive title.

The site includes simple, easily accessible bill information including:

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Supreme Court Considering Whether to Consider Non-Public School Funding Issue

Last week, Governor Snyder formally requested that the Michigan Supreme Court issue an advisory opinion as to whether a controversial budget proposal appropriating money to private schools was constitutional. This week, the Supreme Court announced that it would consider the Governor's request and has called for the Governor and legislators to file briefs on the issue.