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Bill Shields Underage Drinkers Seeking Medical Treatment From MIP

On Tuesday, the House approved a bill to exempt minors from the criminal sanctions for underage drinking under certain conditions, including when seeking medical attention. The bill is intended to avert deaths from alcohol poisoning due to underage drinkers not seeking medical help for fear of arrest or other legal consequences.

Specifically, underage drinkers would be shielded from minor in possession (MIP) penalties when:

  • Seeking medical treatment for themselves;
  • Taking another person to seek medical treatment; and/or
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Senate Appropriations Talks Growth While House Looks at More Frequent Pupil Counts

The Senate School Aid Appropriations Subcommittee took testimony this week on the Governor’s proposal to tie a portion of school funding to student growth.

The current proposal uses year-to-year change in proficiency as measured by performance on the MEAP test as the basis for measuring growth, a model that was criticized by both those testifying and senators on the panel.

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MMC Revision Back on the Table

The structure of the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) may once again be an issue of debate in the Legislature. Senator Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba) and Representative Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) have introduced legislation to amend the MMC with an eye toward making career and technical education more accessible to students.

The bills, SB 997 and HB 5451, would:

  • Reduce the mandatory number of mathematics credits from 4 to 2 and remove the requirement that students complete Algebra II.

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The Past Week in Politics – In 5 Sentences (or Less)

With the primary election on Tuesday, it was a slow week in Lansing – despite the budget. The House Education Committee debated the merits of provisional teacher certification and continuing education requirements. The Senate School Aid Subcommittee heard testimony on the feasibility and merit of adding more pupil count days.

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Update on School Employee Retirement Contribution

In the wake of changes made to the state employee retirement system, several MASSP members have been inquiring about the fate of the still ongoing school employee three percent retirement contribution. The bottom line is that the case involving state employees’ retirement contributions is separate and apart from that for school employees.