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Update on School Employee Retirement Contribution

In the wake of changes made to the state employee retirement system, several MASSP members have been inquiring about the fate of the still ongoing school employee three percent retirement contribution. The bottom line is that the case involving state employees’ retirement contributions is separate and apart from that for school employees.

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Senate Subcommittee Considers Change to Count Days

On Wednesday, lawmakers took testimony on the feasibility of moving to more frequent student counts. Particularly in light of recent and ongoing changes to charter and cyber school laws, lawmakers are looking to get a more accurate picture of the numbers of students in a given district.

During the hearing, representatives from the MDE testified that more frequent counts are possible given the current state system. One official suggested that as many as eleven pupils counts per year could be conducted to correspond to the eleven state aid payments made to schools.

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House Ed Committee Reviews Teacher Certification, Seat Time Waivers

House Ed Committee members this past week heard testimony on five bills – meaning no votes were taken. Four of the bills heard would revise teacher certification requirements. The fifth is aimed at reforming the seat time waiver process. Those bills were:

  • HB 4645 & 5013 – plans to eliminate provisional teaching certificates and continuing education requirements for teacher certification. Instead, under the bills, teachers would be granted a permanent teaching certificate with no requirement for continuing education in order to maintain it.