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Get Buy-In by Keeping It Simple

When presenting a new idea or proposal, chances are that you know more about the topic than your audience. When this is the case, it can be tempting to bombard them with data and analysis. But rather than being convinced, your audience is likely to feel overwhelmed. Forget the hundreds of pages of numbers you have to back up your argument and keep it simple. Present your point in a short, uncomplicated, and clear manner. Focus on what the audience cares about and use common sense — not fancy charts and complicated analysis — to win their approval.

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Websites to Visit

Websites to Visit:
www.edu20.org ~ "This is a free web-based education site with comprehensive features for teachers, students, and parents. Anyone can teach and/or learn using the system whether it's at school, at home, or on the move."
www.symbalooedu.com ~ Allows teachers to organize teaching resources all in one place, encourage student-to-student communications, and promote innovation while maintaining simplicity in teaching."

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It's a fact...

It's a Fact:

1) The U.S. school year averages 180 days; in better performing countries the average is 196 days for upper grades and 197 for lower grades.

2) Top achievers account for 23% of all new teachers and just 14% in high-poverty schools. Countries like Finland and Singapore draw 100% of their teachers from the top 1/3 of the academic pool.

3) Those with a bachelor's degree average $55,700 a year more in earnings than those with only a high school diploma.

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Public Photo Image Websites

Public Domain Images

4FreePhotos is another site that offers quite a few artistic high quality images. Many of these would be great for backgrounds. Supporting Units: transportation, food, landforms, geography, art, aircraft, plants, penguins, Spring,

Florida’s Educational Technology Clipart Clearinghouse is a true clipart and line drawing gold mine. You definitely want to tag this site as over 46,000 images are in the database. Supporting units: mythology, math diagrams, money, fairy tales, alphabets, animals, historical figures

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Not all skill acquisition is at the same rate...

Don't lead all your teachers, all your students or all your parents the same way, because they're not the same.
The Dreyfus model of skill acquisition (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreyfus_model_of_skill_acquisition)suggests that there are five stages people go through:
1. Novice
--wants to be given a manual or handbook, told what to do, with no decisions possible

2. Advanced beginner
--needs a bit of freedom, but is unable to quickly describe a hierarchy of which processes are more important than others

3. Competent