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AP: How Much?

It's hard to get the media to report on a moderate position. In cynical moments, I assume that this is because reporting on sensible solutions does not get the kind of reader traffic that reporting on ridiculous solutions gets.

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AP Summer Institutes at Grand Blanc HS and East Kentwood HS

Advanced Placement Summer Institutes will again be offered at Michigan public high schools during the summer of 2016. The program features a full slate of sessions that will be led by consultants of the College Board from around the country.

APSI is considered to be one of the most effective professional development opportunities offered for AP teachers. The Institutes are led by College Board consultants who are considered to be national experts in the courses they teach. These events will feature a number of consultants who teach in Michigan public high schools.

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AP in Michigan: The State of the State

"AP is a fad," my colleague told me. "It's just another thing that shows up, gets attention and goes away."

My reply at the time to this jaded remark was generous, perhaps because of my awareness that my colleague knows me well enough to enjoy pushing that particular button. But the comment bugged me, long-term (so I guess he won). It's not the first time I had heard a comment like this about Advanced Placement. My friend is ordinarily careful about what he says; this, on the other hand, was not a careful statement.

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Cambridge International Examinations: A Quick Look

I have been involved in Advanced Placement for a long time.  I have occasionally been asked what I think about International Baccalaureate, often seen as a high-end-curriculum counterpart to AP; I usually pass on those conversations because I don't have the kind of eyewitness knowledge of IB that I have of AP.  Privately, I have always felt that AP is generally more modular for students, more portable, more cost effective and more aligned to American secondary and higher education than IB is.

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AP Potential: College Readiness, Moneyball Style

[This is one of a series of posts I've been putting together on topics related to Advanced Placement. I've been thinking for a while that I need to get some of these things in print, if only to make sure that the things I think don't get lost. I hope these are helpful to someone. If not, I've enjoyed doing it anyway. This post pertains to AP Potential; the College Board will be sending high school administrators and counselors access codes for this online tool beginning in December, so it seems smart to be aware of this as soon as possible.]