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#MASSPchat - Gym Season

The gym season is well underway…its the time of year where middle level and high school Administrators spend many nights and weekends supervising a wide array of events. During #MASSPchat we generally focus on instructional leadership topics, but this week let's talk about some management items that you are likely to consumed with: athletic events, dances, band concerts and student council activities.

The Questions:

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Plan Ahead for Your Professional Growth

Your students and staff are gone for the summer and you finally have time to breathe! We hope you are taking some well deserved time off and recharging with friends and family. But we also know that this is the time of year when many building leaders finally have a chance to look forward at the next school year and start to plan.

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Important Info on State Test Verification Process

This week’s Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability contains critical information for Principals on the Answer Sheet Verification process schools must complete in the BAA Secure site. The window will be open for SAT from May 24 to May 31, and ensuring accurate information will be very important to making our score release timelines. The two articles below provide further information (including any relevant deadlines) on this as well as the processes for verification of enrollment and verification of students not tested.

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Accommodations on National Weekend SAT Administrations

More and more students are looking to take the SAT another time in addition to the state-provided administration. In response, many Michigan schools have signed up to serve as weekend test centers. However, even if your school hasn't signed up to be a weekend test center, students with certain accommodations may still be looking to test at your location.

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College Board Accommodations Info

A recent edition of MDE's Spotlight on Assessment and Accountability has some great information about accommodations including guidance on handling extended testing time for students and submitting changes to accommodations. If you have a new student in your school who had been approved for accommodations at their old school, there are also instructions for transferring that a student's records over to your school's account within the College Board system.