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Have We Learned Our Lesson?

As you know, Principal Effectiveness ratings were posted on a State website last week (www.mischooldata.org). The ratings were posted in an Excel file with the District name followed by the number of Principals who were rated Highly Effective, Effective and Ineffective. Clearly, it is much easier to draw conclusions about which Principal received a specific rating in smaller Districts. Based on a quick calculation the breakdown appears to be:

  • 33% Highly Effective
  • 65% Effective
  • 2% Ineffective
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A Classroom Observation Tool That Goes Beyond Recording the Basics

Many building Principals are looking for the perfect tool to help manage the daunting task of evaluating every instructional practitioner in their building. It was with this in mind that the MASSP developed GoObserve software that is compatible with both iPad and Droid tablets for the purpose of classroom observation. There are a number of features that set GoObserve apart from other available applications:
  • Price. GoObserve is a very affordable option that comes with cloud service for easy access to and the storing of data.
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Do You Lack Administrative Certification?

You may have noticed that many postings for Building Administrators require a master’s degree in Educational Leadership or “related field in education." The posting may also state, “Administrative Certification or the ability to gain certification required.” For those of you who entered your Administrative position without an Administrative Certificate prior to Jan.5, 2010, you are grandfathered in.

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Teacher Evaluation Changes Have Schools Scrambling

The primary focus for Principals in the last five years has been curriculum.  Schools have made a number of important and significant changes since the implementation of the MMC and the MME. There has been a great deal of focus on realigning curriculum to the ACT College Readiness Standards and now to the Common Core. Around the state there has been an emphasis in most Districts on District led school improvement and making systemic changes. The recent

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AP Score Reports

If you run Advanced Placement Classes in your building then you should have received an email from the College Board last week notifying you that you can now access your scores on line. This new convenience allows Principals to get a number of good reports to share with staff, students and parents.