Classroom Discipline

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Monday, October 9, 2017 - 9:00am - 3:30pm
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Building Administrator (BA) / Classroom Teacher (CT) / Teacher Leader (TL) Any staff who could use training on handling difficult students, classroom management and establishing respect and responsibility.

The most effective instruction and greatest amount of student learning takes place in classrooms, and schools, where there are well-defined rules and specific consequences. This positive environment is created by developing a discipline plan that holds students responsible for their actions and establishes realistic consequences for inappropriate behaviors, while respecting the dignity of both the teacher and students. This workshop emphasizes specific techniques that really work rather than idealistic, theoretical approaches. It is equally useful for teachers who already have good classroom control and for those who need better classroom management skills.

Presented by Todd Johnson

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Do you have a few teachers who need help learning to:

  • Use low level interventions with mildly defiant students?
  • Avoid arguing with defiant students?
  • Respond when students attempt to argue with them about behavior problems?

Your teachers need other options that can be used prior to an office referral, such as:

  • a private conference with the student
  • redirecting the inappropriate behavior
  • contacting a parent
  • creating an action plan with the student
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MELG Building
1001 Centennial Way
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