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More and more students are looking to take the SAT another time in addition to the state-provided administration. In response, many Michigan schools have signed up to serve as weekend test centers. However, even if your school hasn't signed up to be a weekend test center, students with certain accommodations may still be looking to test at your location.

For certain types of more extensive accommodations, College Board offers the opportunity for students to test at their local school due to their special needs. There is no requirement that your school participate, but (in an effort to streamline this process for students) College Board is asking that districts let them know in advance of their availability to support these testers.

College Board recently reached out by email to Principals, SSD coordinators, and district-level test coordinators with important information about this process. That email is reproduced in its entirety below and contains complete details. The information that was attached to that email is linked at the end of this article.

Dear Principal, SSD Coordinator, or District Test Coordinator,

As we continue in the 2016-17 school year, we’d like to share more information about the national SAT testing program. Many schools have signed up to be weekend test centers for students who would like the opportunity to take the SAT in addition to the state-provided administration. As such, we’d like to provide more information to help you understand the process for your students. For national testing, most students will test in a weekend test center. These test centers are normally housed in high schools or colleges, and the school applied to and was approved by College Board for weekend testing. Many accommodations, including 50% extended time, extra breaks, use of a calculator and others can be provided in a test center.

However, for students that have certain accommodations, which include 100% extended time testing over two days, MP3 Audio, Assistive Technology (ATC), braille, or large font needs greater than 20 point, the opportunity is offered to test in their school due to their special testing needs. This means your school, even if you have not signed up to be a national test center, may have students looking to test at your location. In order to support this process, we are asking that each school complete the attached form with your availability to support these students. The decision is completely at the discretion of the school. Testing these students at their home school is optional. Neither the College Board nor the Michigan Department of Education requires you to participate nor does this have an impact on the state-provided spring testing.

To see the students at your school that have been approved for the accommodations noted above, as well as any administrations for which those students have registered, your school’s SSD Coordinator can log in to the SSD Online system and view the Nonstandard Accommodations Report.

To help in your decision, the national testing dates for 2016-17 are:

  • December 3, 2016
  • January 21, 2017
  • March 11, 2017
  • May 6, 2017
  • June 3, 2017

You are required to begin testing anytime between the Saturday and the following Tuesday. All testing must be complete by the Wednesday after the Saturday administration. Schools may determine the best schedule. And, if you require additional resources to support testing, College Board will pay an honorarium based on the number of hours required for testing ($185 for up to 6 hours of testing over one day or $235 for up to 8 hours of testing over 2 days).

Based on your school’s defined availability, you will receive a notification in advance of test day from ETS/College Board if any of your students with the above testing accommodations have registered for an administration of the SAT. Also, the SSD Coordinator will be able to check the Nonstandard Administration Roster to see if there are any students registered to test. If you decide to not support the national testing for these students, College Board will work with students directly to find another school in the area that is available.

Please complete and return the attached availability form by December 5, 2016. While you can fax this form, we request that you email it to us at so we may expedite processing. If you respond with no availability, your students will be assigned to other schools in the area for their testing. If you have any questions about the testing, please contact us at 844-255-7728.

We have also attached a template letter that you can modify and use to send home to parents of students with school-based accommodations so they understand the process as well. The use of this letter is completely optional but thought it may help in the communication with your families.

Thank you,
The College Board SAT Program

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