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I’ve taken a number of calls from members with various ACT related questions and learned about new ACT products and updates from John Carroll (ACT Michigan). I’ve compiled the information to share with all of you. This is great stuff! Be sure to share with your counselors and staff.

Explore and Plan Michigan Discount!
Discounted pricing has been approved for everyone in the state, public and private, and is not dependent on the tests being administered in any specific grade. Schools and/or districts may order online. We would recommend that schools order through the district if possible, as this will allow them to get district level reports at no cost to them. When ordering, institutions will see the national price listed. However, when the answer documents are scored, they will be billed the discounted price. Pricing is as follows:

  • Explore $7.95 (Michigan Discount, National price is $10.50)
  • Plan $9:70 (Michigan Discount, National price is $12.95)

Explore/Plan Linkage Reports
One of your MASSP member benefits is a FREE linkage report to track “apples to apples” testers in a particular cohort as they move from the Explore test to the Plan test. The linkage report is $200 making this a great cost savings. MASSP sends John Carroll our membership list mid-October and you can expect an email from John between Nov 15-Dec 15 with your school’s Linkage report. This is done automatically, so no need to send John an email requesting your report- if you’re a member, it will come your way.

The ACT will soon include an online option
The ACT assessment (currently taken nation wide paper/bubble form) will be also be available in an online format starting in the Spring of 2015. There will also be the option of including constructed response items starting in the Spring of 2015. We are not aware of any plans in Michigan for this to occur with our State assessment, but wanted you to be aware that ACT is moving in the direction of on line testing.

ACT Online Prep- No longer a free option!
Pricing is as follows:

  • $1,100 - School site license (this is the complimentary version schools had last year)
  • $975 - If a district has multiple schools, this is the cost per school if the district purchases the program for more than one building
  • $510 - For schools who can document they have more than 50% on free or reduced lunch
  • $21.95 - Student purchase for one copy of Online prep

ACT Profile-
ACT recently launched this new interactive and FREE website to help high school students explore career paths and college options that match their individual strengths, interests and values. I’ve personally played around with this and it looks awesome—perfect for career exploration and a natural connection to ACT. Click on this link to learn more about Profile and what it has to offer:


ACT Engage-
ACT developed ACT Engage to measure students' behaviors and psychosocial attributes, which are critical but often overlooked components of their success. Backed by their enduring expertise in research, ACT Engage can predict—with a remarkable degree of accuracy (especially when used in conjunction with Explore)—how likely each of your students is to graduate high school, and whether they will earn at least a 2.0 GPA. Here is a link to a sample report that a student would receive:
Pricing: $5.50 per student (we have spoken to ACT about a possible MASSP member discount)

ACT Aspire- Official Launch April of 2014
Link on the ACT website:


  • Benchmarked Summative Testing 3-10, with ACT at 11/12
  • Interim Assessments 4 per year (1 per quarter) will be available
  • Classroom Tool (available Fall of 2015)- Database of Items per standard for classroom use available
  • There will be an option for constructed response questions

Aspire Key Facts:

  • Paper/pencil available as long as needed
  • Online will be available Spring of 2014
  • Question reports, may not be able to see actual items from test books. May get sample items and strand level data. (We are pushing back on this as are other States)
  • ACT Aspire is designed as an alternative or addition to Smarter Balanced Assessments (NOTE: Alabama is the first state to go w/ACT Aspire in lieu of the PAARC consortium that they originally belonged to: