AP Testing Reimbursement for Low-Income Students

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It's official! Additional state funding has been secured for low-income students who take AP exams in 2017. Schools and districts that have been impacted by the uncertainty of federal Title IV funding now will be able to seek reimbursement of exam fees for low-income students from MDE. As you know, the College Board charges $53.00 per exam for low-income students. MDE will be reimbursing districts $48, reducing the exam fee for students to $5 per exam.

With this change in the funding source, its critical that high schools complete the procedure with the College Board to generate school-level invoices correctly. These invoices, along with proof of district payment, will be submitted to MDE, and then reimbursement will be sent directly to local districts. More information on the procedure to submit the invoices and proof of payment to MDE will be coming very soon, but districts can be confident that the funding to support exam fees for low-income students is secured.

The procedure for generating school level invoices to the College Board for AP exams has two steps:

Step 1: The AP Coordinator at the school should fill in the appropriate fee reduction bubble on the student’s answer sheet. This is done in the “School Use Only” section. Bubble Option 1 for Low-Income Students. Bubble Option 2 for Non-Low-Income Eligible Students. This bubbling only needs to be done once, regardless of the number of exams a student takes.

Step 2: Enter the number of AP Exams qualifying for fee reductions when calculating the total amount due online.

For students taking only Studio Art, Chinese, or Japanese exams, there is a different process. Detailed information on that is found in the AP Coordinator’s Manual.

For students taking Studio Art, Chinese, or Japanese exams plus another exam, bubble the correct Option on the answer sheet for the other exam.

These steps also are outlined on the AP Central website here (scroll to the bottom of the page for the procedure instructions).

A Michigan-specific Powerpoint explaining how to generate your school invoice can be found here.

For questions, please contact MDE's Sam Sinicropi at 517-241-0439.