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Why did you go into administration? When you reflect on this question, many of us were fortunate to have the encouragement of a mentor who told us we had "Principal potential." Building administration is a tough gig – we need to help grow the profession by identifying and supporting staff members who have the potential to lead. To this end, MASSP has designed a great one-day, Saturday session to help those interested in Principal positions to prepare for the interview process. This one-day workshop is coming up on February 10.

The interactive workshop is a nuts and bolts day where we will review cover letters, resumes and conduct practice interviews. Every participant will have multiple opportunities to get feedback from practicing Principals on their responses as well as to get advice on what districts are looking for. There are two targets for this PD opportunity:

  • Current Assistant Principals and/or Principals who plan to be searching for a job that want to brush up on their interview skills and get feedback on their resumes.
  • Current Teachers who are considering going into Administration. This may be people considering an Ed Leadership program or those who have already completed one and are actively looking for a job.

Click here for more information or to register. Also, please consider printing this flyer and taking it to your staff members who have that administrator potential in them.