Betsy DeVos Confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Education's picture

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Betsy DeVos as the nation's Secretary of Education on a vote of 51-50. Vice President Mike Pence was required to break what had initially been a tie.

Many public school educators have expressed valid concerns about Mrs. DeVos in terms of her lack of knowledge and experience for this position. There is no doubt that we will need to closely monitor any efforts to create policy around charter school deregulation, vouchers and using public dollars for private schools. MASSP members understand the importance of providing our students with the best education possible, regardless of the myriad of obstacles we face. In light of increasingly tight budgets, declining enrollment and fewer prospective educators, it's more important than ever that Michigan principals rise to meet this challenge and actively advocate on behalf of students.

As our state moves forward with finalizing its plan to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we hope that the U.S. Department of Education – and it's leaders – will embrace this new legislation, and work with Principals and other educators to restore state and local control and adequately fund public schools so districts are better able to meet these challenges and respond to the needs of their students.