Boosting Student Opportunity Through Free SAT Practice: Webinar for Principals Featuring the Sandusky High Team

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You're invited to a special upcoming professional learning opportunity available to you and your team. Join representatives from the College Board, Khan Academy, and fellow school leaders, including Steve and Erin Carlson from Sandusky Jr/Sr High School, for a free webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 28, from 12-1 p.m. about boosting student opportunity through free SAT practice.

This discussion will show you how the College Board and Khan Academy are partnering with school leaders to improve student outcomes through Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, a free SAT practice program. Presenters will share the new findings on the impact of free SAT practice, talk to school leaders about their experiences with Official SAT Practice, including the new coaching tools, and their best practices for engaging students and faculty.

Featured Panelists:

    Jennifer Mulhern, Executive Director, College Board
    Anju Khetan, Senior Product Manager, Khan Academy
    Erin Carlson, English Teacher, Sandusky Junior-Senior High School, Sandusky, Michigan
    Steve Carlson, Principal, Sandusky Junior-Senior High School, Sandusky, Michigan
    Bryan Wells, Acting Principal, McLane High School, Fresno, California

Register to attend and receive the recording and supporting materials to share with your district. Learn more about the webinar here.

Additionally, the College Board recently hosted two different webinars regarding Implementation Overview and Accommodations and Supports. You can find the recordings of each by using the links below.

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