Celebrating 2017-18 - MASSP's Year in Review

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Every year, just before EdCon, the MASSP Board of Directors has their final meeting of the year and we celebrate with a Transition Dinner to recognize the change in leadership from one President to the next. I ended my term as MASSP's Past President on the Executive Board and I am proud to recognize the many significant achievements and accomplishments of the MASSP Board and staff during the 2017-18 school year:

More than 350 days of professional development were held by both MASSP and MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership – this included: in-house workshops, contracted events across the state and multi-day conferences.

MASSP membership during 2017-18 capped at 1,782 – our highest total in nearly a decade. MASC/MAHS membership ended at 292 schools.

In September, Ryan Cayce joined the MASSP staff and the position of Director of Digital Learning & Resources was created.

The Board of Directors approved funding for the development of a new Association website, which will be launched in August.

MASSP created the Digital Learning Network (DLN) with online courses in School Improvement and Curriculum Alignment, and more in the works!

Successful legislative lobbying efforts led to the replacement of the ELA and Math portions of the M-STEP with the PSAT 8/9.

MASSP helped raise the priority of student mental health as a policy issue and secure $30M in funding for these important supports in schools.

A partnership between MASSP and MIRPTC was formed to provide Restorative Practice training to educators and schools across the state.

MASSP secured legislation to alleviate Michigan’s substitute teacher shortage by expanding the pool of eligible candidates.

A number of MASSP staff members actively participated on various important MDE committees and workgroups regarding: the Cross-Sector Team, Shared Vision, Clinical Experience Model, Title IIa Funding, School Improvement Revision, Assessment RFP, CTE Director Selection, ESSA Steering, Computer Science Standards Development, Seclusion & Restraint, Educator Quality, the Department of Assessment Services Advisory Committee and the #GoOpen Initiative.

In November, Brad Gray became MASSP’s new Executive Assistant.

MASSP joined a number of other education associations in filing the “public private” lawsuit against the state of Michigan.

The “Member Spotlight” has become a regular feature in Weblines.

Saline High School Assistant Principal Theresa Stager revamped MASSP’s podcast series, which she now leads on a regular basis.

The Path to Leadership program – Michigan's only alternative route to earn a PK-12 certificate – continues to grow with Cohort #40 now accepting applications and more than 600 total participants.

MASSP partnered with Eidex to develop the academic side of their financial software, providing schools with a solution for calculating student growth.

Twitter continues to be a strong communication vehicle for @MASSP and now has more than 8,700 followers.

MASSP members and staff mourned the loss of State Superintendent Brian Whiston on May 7.

In addition to celebrating these significant accomplishments, the Board of Directors completed an evaluation for MASSP's Executive Director, Wendy Zdeb. The Board rated Wendy "highly effective" and applauded her leadership recognizing her continued service, leadership and passion for our profession throughout Michigan.

As a Board we are proud to serve the membership as colleagues and we hope that you are proud of the work of your association and will continue to be actively engaged during the 2018-19 school year.