Celebrating the Principalship

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Written by Jim French, Principal at Portage Northern High School and President of the MASSP Board of Directors.

As a building principal, our tasks are varied and many. We are the barometer that recognizes pending storms or issues facing education on a daily basis. We recognize the need to spend quality time with a new teacher – assisting in their growth and development – while at the same time nurturing a young student through a difficult time. We balance the lives of our staff and students with our own lives and responsibilities, always striving for that “healthy balance” between work and home. We are selfless givers to those around us. That being said, I can’t think of a better group of professionals than those I work with here in Michigan! As we wrap up Principal's Month, I just wanted to say “Thank you” for being a leader for our students, staff and communities!

It is a unique time in education and here in Michigan, we are fortunate to have so many great people advocating for us, both locally and at the Capitol. As you may be aware, MASSP has developed policy priorities that are essential to our work at the building level. Together, with our membership, Board of Directors and the MASSP staff, we have:

  • Aggressively defended the need for continued state financial and logistical support for implementing our educator evaluation systems.
  • Continued to advocate for school funding to improve and meet a level of adequacy.
  • Identified solutions to sub teacher shortages throughout the state, as well as identified that we are on the verge of a teacher shortage given enrollment numbers at our state colleges of education.
  • Pushed for flexibility in the options for local districts in developing their school calendars.
  • Continued to advocate for better supports for our students struggling with mental health challenges.

While we have made strides in these areas, we will need your continued support to address these important issues and promote positive change.

Thank you not only for your service to our profession and the work you do in your local community, but also for assisting MASSP in making a difference in public education here in Michigan. We cannot do it without you and we are so fortunate to be working with you!