The College Board Wants to Share Your Story

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The College Board is developing a principal webinar series and newsletter launch. The Michigan College Board team is looking for building administrators interested in co-presenting in a webinar series or authoring a monthly newsletter. If you have had success in one of the areas below and would be willing to share your story, please reach out to Jason Feig at


Webinar Title: "Building a Culture of College and Career Success"
Webinar Topics: Cross program primer on FY 18-19 CB topics
Principal Authored Newsletter Articles:

  • "Setting Schoolwide Plans to Personalize Students Supports through SAT Practice"
  • "Working Through Counselors and Staff to Build a Culture of College and Career Success"


Webinar Title: "Preparing for PSAT/NMSQT Success: Getting Your Staff and Students Ready for Test Day and Beyond"
Webinar Topics: Generating community interest; understanding P/N value; prepping for score release
Principal Authored Newsletter Articles:

  • "Talking to Parents about the PSAT/NMSQT"
  • "Celebrating National Principals Month: Principals Share Their Passion for the Position"(guest post from NASSP, potentially past or current principal of the year)


Webinar Title: "Using SAT School Day to Get Wins with Students and Families"
Webinar Topics: Implementation best practices, engaging the community, working with parents
Principal Authored Newsletter Articles:

  • "Communicating Success to Your Community: Tracking and Celebrating Your Wins"
  • "Cultivating Teacher Leaders to Spark Change"


Webinar Title: "Staffing and Scheduling New and Existing AP Courses"
(Note: There will be a separate webinar on using P/N scores for principals as part of Score Week)
Webinar Topics: Walkthrough of APP tool; tie-back to P/N scores released in Dec
Principal Authored Newsletter Articles:

  • "Harnessing the Power of Teacher Teams to Analyze and Act on PSAT/NMSQT Performance"
  • "Practice is the New Prep: Getting Your Students on and Practicing for the SAT (for free)"


Webinar Title: "Using SAT Suite Data from the K12 Portal to Plan Instruction and Support Students
Webinar Topics: Instructional planning w/ P/N scores; SAT coach tools; fee waivers and other SAT Suite benefits
Principal Authored Newsletter Articles:

  • "New Year, New Voice: Principal as Communicator in Chief"
  • "Schools and Districts Moving the Needle on SAT Practice"


Webinar Title: "Official SAT Practice Implementation Playbook for Principals
Webinar Topics: Using OSP coach tools to support instruction; tool demo and best practices
Principal Authored Newsletter Article:

  • "Packaging Data for your Community by Audience"


Webinar Title: "Using the SAT School Day Program to Meet Your District Goals"
Webinar Topics: Case studies and best practices from practitioners
Principal Authored Newsletter Article:

  • "Getting feedback from your community to power school change"


Webinar Title: "Important Changes to the AP Program: What Principals Should Know for 2019-20"
Webinar Topics: Walkthrough of program changes for 2019
Principal Authored Newsletter Article:

  • "Talking to Parents About Student Progress"


Webinar Title: "Engaging Parents in the College Readiness Process"
Webinar Topics: AP + SAT Suite value; Big Future; College Planning resources
Principal Authored Newsletter Article:

  • "Keeping students engaged in the college readiness process over the summer"