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If you were unable to attend the MASSP High School and CTE Mid-Winter Summit, you missed an opportunity to learn some key information. We were fortunate to have Mel Riddile provide a keynote session on the changes we can expect as we transition to the Common Core Standards. John Carroll from ACT also shared a number of important updates.

Highlights on Common Core:

  • Mel explained that the transition to the Common Core is a 2nd order change.
  • Employment and college readiness statistics support the need to increase rigor in our curriculum. Rigor = Content + Higher Order Thinking Skills + Application.
  • The common core is internally benchmarked for success in a global economy and it is research and evidence based.
  • For every 10 students who enter college - fewer than 2 will graduate with a 2 or a 4 year degree.
  • Common Core assessments will be implemented in 2015. These assessments are supposed to be online and they create significant logistical challenges.

Highlights from ACT:

  • MDE has bid a college readiness assessment for implementation at the 8th and 10th grade levels. This is likely to result in a voluntary pilot to provide an EXPLORE and PLAN test for all schools in the near future.
  • Those who take part in the pilot will get free online ACT test prep services.
  • ACT has a new product called Engage, which measures a student’s motivation, social-engagement and self-regulation.
  • ACT will be launching a new online reporting system that will allow schools to have all of their EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT test results in a user-friendly online dashboard.
  • ACT will be supporting an online test pilot with EXPLORE testing in a clicker format in Kent, Macomb and Oakland counties.

For the full PowerPoint presentations of these topics and many others click on this link: