Correction on DPPD and Admin Cert Renewal

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On September 24 MASSP tweeted from an MDE hosted review session on educator certification rules and then later reported in an article that, while school administrators could not use district provided professional development (DPPD) to renew their administrator certificate, they could use DPPD to renew a Professional Education (teaching) certificate—if they had one—and then use that teaching certificate to renew their administrator certificate. We have since received clarification that, while the information we tweeted and reported was the information presented at the review session, administrators "are not eligible to receive DPPD, and thus may not use it to renew any certificate." Only teachers are eligible to use DPPD to renew a Professional Education and/or Occupational certificate. For additional detail on using DPPD to renew a teaching certificate, see this memo from MDE.