Did You Attend the Cyberlearning Research Summit? I Did.

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Our day is filled with various meetings, observations, walk-through’s, discipline (in my case) and a litany of job duties pertinent to learning, communication and management.   So when the opportunity to attend a conference presents itself, I jump at it.  

  • Do I take a day to travel (drive, fly)?
  • Do I arrange my schedule to be out of the building?
  • Do I prepare my communication to various groups in advance with notice of my absence?
  • Do I pack?
  • Do I dread coming back to an insurmountable email inbox filled with attendance, discipline or other requests/information?

Answer: No.

How you might ask?  That's also a simple answer.  Twitter.  Twitter has allowed me to gain access to anyone, anytime I want, but in my case I want to know what is going on in the world (yes, literally) of education. Through Twitter, I have participated in conferences based in other parts of country, had conversations with other educators (K-12), dialogued with various authors of books, and attend weekly professional development sessions-called "chats".  In a more concrete example, yesterday, I attended the Cyberlearning Research Summit located in Washington D.C.  I was able to connect and have a 140 character conversation(s) with others at (or not at) the conference but also catching pieces on the live web stream.

I know you are busy.  I know being in the building and attending to daily issues is important.  Be that as it may, your growth as an educator is essential to your own personal goals and to the growth of your school.

Many of you already have either a personal or school-related account.  I apologize for the above. You already know this. 

For those of you wanting to know more, sign up for a Twitter account and follow me at @lakeviewap. Let's create a Michigan Professional Learning Network on Twitter! (PLN)

Here are a few resources to get you started (yes, gathered from Twitter):

  1. Twitter Tutorial
  2. Twitter in Education (Livebinder-click on the tabs)
  3. Twitter
  4. What is a hashtag and how can I use it for PD?

Scott Kapla
Assistant Principal
Lakeview High School
St. Clair Shores, MI