Education Alliance

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In early August the Michigan Education Alliance meets to establish key topics to be worked on during the school year. The Alliance is made up of executive directors from 16 statewide education associations. These groups are comprised of teacher unions, administrator associations, higher education, charter schools, private schools, parent groups, and the business community. We meet to find those places in education policy where we all agree. Surprisingly, there are several. Upon agreement of the entire group (the vote must be 16-0 for a position to be given) and under the letterhead of the Michigan Education Alliance, policy makers are notified of our joint agreement.

This year topics to consider will include the Michigan tax system, professional development for association members, and the calculation of SB-CEU's.

We also get a chance to learn what is happening in the other person's world and often learn something in the process.

From the higher education representative I was surprised to learn that CEPI has signed a contract with a firm to develop a common e-transcript to be used by all Michigan higher education institutions and K-12. This is separate from the student record K-16 work that is going on. The picture was painted as it was a "done deal." We are meeting with CEPI to find out details to share with our members.