Educator Evaluation Bill Headed to Gov's Desk

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This week, the Michigan Senate voted to concur with the educator evaluation bill—SB 103 (H-8)—that passed the Michigan House last week. With this vote, the legislature has completed the work begun over two years ago to rewrite our state's educator evaluation law. This has been a long and, at times, contentious battle, so please TAKE ACTION by sending a thank you letter to those lawmakers who voted to push this issue over the finish line.

MASSP would also like to recognize and thank the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness, particularly Dean Deborah Ball at the University of Michigan’s School of Education, Dr. Jennifer Hammond from Grand Blanc High School, and David Vensel from Jefferson High School for the time and energy they invested in the recommendation that guided this important legislation.

Today's vote validates the work of the schools that have already begun the hard job of implementing quality evaluation systems and will support those districts that still need to make the transition. Regardless, there is still plenty of difficult work ahead to implement this new law, improve our collective performance and ensure that every student benefits from the expertise of skillful educators.

Within the next several weeks, we also expect the MDE to put out guidance for schools, particularly on how they are going to distribute $14.8 million in funding that has been allocated to support training and implementation of evaluation systems.

To help members and their districts understand the new law and move forward with adjusting their local evaluation systems MASSP has put together a one-page summary of the new statute, which you can download by clicking here.

MASSP will continue to keep members informed as this issue moves from a legislative debate into law and impacts your day-to-day practice.

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