February 23 is Digital Learning Day, Join In!

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Join educators around the state in a “Thunderclap” to elevate the message that Every Day is Digital Learning Day by announcing that February 23 is Digital Learning Day. This awareness campaign aims to share what digital learning is, spotlight innovative practices and demonstrate the effective uses of technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience.

The Thunder Clap will be released on February 23 in celebration of Digital Learning Day and reminding educators to share their innovative practices and connect with other educators across the nation by using #DLDay when they post, tweet, or snap.

What is a Thunderclap?
Thunderclap is a web service that allows people to automatically post a single message to their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and more) at a single, designated time. Think of it as an online “flash mob” – a collaborative action drawing attention to a specific cause. (Learn more!)

How can you help?
Click https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/51899-digital-learning-day-is-feb-23
and choose which social media platforms you’d like to engage with! Then, add your name to the Thunderclap.
It’s that simple – add your name and the posts will be generated for you!

What else can you do?

  • Send an e-blast to your PLN inviting them to sign-up for the Digital Learning Day Thunderclap, which will share this message as well.
  • Share your own message of dedication to Every Day is Digital Learning Day.
  • Don’t forget to use #DLDay when posting, tweeting, and snapping.

    If you have any questions about engaging with #DLDay on social media, please don’t hesitate to reach out to MDE's Amanda Stoel at stoela@michigan.gov.