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I recently had a great day at the Aspiring Principal’s Workshop that is offered annually by MASSP. The title says it all. There were 50+ educators attending who were very energized and enthusiastic about making a step into school administration. They were there excited to learn and take in every piece of advice that they could get for their journey. What most of them probably don’t realize is that this day is just as much a benefit to someone like me, who has been on the path for a while now, as it is to them.

It is March, everyone is counting the days to spring break, and – when you throw the time change in there – there are a lot of tired teachers and administrators. It is important at this time of year we find those things that energize us to finish strong and give our students the best versions of ourselves. My energizing moment was this past Saturday, talking with future leaders and hearing the excitement as they prepare to make a career move. I walked in to school this past 'Time Change Monday' feeding off of that energy and ready to go for our final trimester.

Not everyone has the same opportunity to be involved in that kind of event so we need to look for ways to create our own 'restart' to finish the year strong. Maybe it involves something as big as an assembly with the students to celebrate positive behaviors in the building or something as simple as delivering a cookie to each teacher on your staff to let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Whatever that activity may be, we owe it to our students, our staff, and ourselves to put our best foot forward these last few months of the school year.

The other thing that I took from the Aspiring Principal's Workshop is that there are many people who are still looking for that mentor they can lean on to help them make the next step in their career. These people are in your building and would love to spend a day just picking your brain and taking it all in. We have a duty to identify these teachers and give them the avenue to make that leap. While the thought of teacher shortage has been on all of our minds, we also need to focus on the administrator shortage that is not far behind and do our part to help those who are interested make the transition. As I was presenting on Saturday, it reminded me why I chose this path and why it is still one of the best jobs out there. It is important that we share those stories and advocate for education administration. It always has been and always will be one of the most rewarding professions out there.