Five rules for your About page

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This content infomration was from Seth Godin's blog.

When someone comes to your school website for the first time, they're likely to hit 'about' or 'bio'. Why? Because they want a human, a story and reassurance. Here are some helpful guidelines 1. Don't use meaningless jargon: ... is a recognized provider of result-based online educational solutions, …dedicated to assuring that all students will learn, …optimization and maximization of student talent, ... is committed to the ongoing mastery of core content knowledge - and to providing continuously improvement in student achievement. 2. Don't use a stock photo of someone who isn't you. The more photos of you and your school, the better. 3. Make it easy to contact you. Don't give a contact address or number that doesn't work. 4. Be human. Write like you talk and put your name on it. Tell a story, a true one, one that resonates. 5. Use parent and student comments and testimonials to establish credibility. Use a lot of them. Make sure they're both interesting and true.