Get Ahead of Changes to EDP Law

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Earlier this year, the Michigan's Legislation changed the law governing what must be included in an Education Development Plan (EDP) and how often it needs to be revised is changing effective December 24, 2018. Among the new requirements imposed by SB 684 (now PA 231 of 2018), any 7th grade students who complete their EDP after this date will be required to develop a Talent Portfolio. MDE guidance on these new requirements is not yet complete, so planning ahead is going to be difficult, but there are a few things Principals can do now to get ahead of the changes.

Reviewing The Requirements

The statutory requirements for an EDP do not specify what needs to be included in an EDP or what form it must take. Rather, it spells out a timeline for its creation and revision and includes some requirements for what schools need to do at each of these stages. The list below includes both the old law and the new requirements (new items are bold).

1) The basic timeline for a student's EDP is as follows:

  • 7th grade: develop the initial EDP.
  • 8th grade: review and revise the EDP prior to entering high school.
  • High School: review and revise the EDP every year of high school "as appropriate."

2) The EDP development process and annual review process must include:

  • Advising the student about how to fulfill curricular requirements through CTE.
  • Providing the student information on various types of careers and current and projected job openings.
  • Providing the student with an opportunity to explore careers specific to their interests and identify career pathways and education requirements for those careers.
  • Providing the student with the opportunity to develop and/or revise a talent portfolio.

3) A talent portfolio shall include, but is not limited to, a record of the pupil's experiences, proficiencies, certifications, or accomplishments that demonstrate talents or marketable skills.

Compliance: Now and Later

The new requirements to develop a Talent Portfolio and to do annual EDP revisions throughout high schools are likely to be the biggest pain points for most secondary Principals. The law requires MDE to provide districts with a model for complying with the Talent Portfolio requirements and, absent that model, it's tough to get too far ahead of the game. But there are a couple of steps you can consider right now:

  • First, any students who complete their EDP before December 24 may do so under the current law (i.e. without being required to develop a talent portfolio). It may not be feasible for your building to get all of your 7th grade EDPs developed in the next two months. You may decide that the value of your students having a talent portfolio outweighs the difficulties created by a mid-year shift. But for middle-level Principals looking for options, you have one.
  • Second, if you don't already have a process in place for your high schools students to review and revise their EDPs annually, start thinking about how you are going to handle it. Note that the requirement is that the review and revision happen "as appropriate." You get to decide what is appropriate. Note also that, absent guidance to the contrary, the EDP revision language would include seniors (that is, unless you decide that including seniors is not appropriate).

Next Steps

MASSP is actively working with MDE to get guidance, models, and clarification out as soon as possible. Stay tuned to Weblines and look for further communication from MDE on this issue.