#GoOpen Michigan - Openly Licensed Educational Resources

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The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), in collaboration with its #GoOpen Michigan strategic partners, announces the launch of the #GoOpen Michigan Microsite, goopenmichigan.org. The #GoOpen Michigan Microsite is a virtual library of openly licensed educational resources (OER), as well as a collaboration space for Michigan educators who are dedicated to using high-quality, standards aligned OER.

The microsite will allow educators and students to:

  • Browse curated collections that are aligned to Michigan content standards. These collections feature content such as the MI Open Book Project, the MAISA Units, MI Star, Phenomenal Science, 21Things4Students, among other homegrown curricular resources as well as others from nationally recognized curriculum providers;
  • Discover OER – including everything from discrete objects to lessons to full textbooks and course materials – which can be reused, revised, remixed, and redistributed;
  • Participate in a community of practice to share ideas on how to incorporate OER into teaching and learning;
  • Collaborate to create new OER.

The #GoOpen Michigan Microsite was selected through a rigorous process to ensure that it has a robust search feature, an intuitive user interface, OER evaluation features, interoperability, and analytics. The #GoOpen MI Strategy Team was critical to the microsite selection and development.

Michigan’s commitment to the United States Department of Education’s #GoOpen Campaign launched in 2016 continues to be realized as this work moves forward.

The #GoOpen Michigan initiative supports schools and educators in the transition to using high-quality OER. This initiative aligns to all four focus areas of Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 strategic plan, specifically goal 2, strategy 6 and 7.

For questions regarding access to the microsite contact Becky Wartella, Department Technician, OSET at wartellar@michigan.gov or by phone at 517-241-6966.

For questions regarding the #GoOpen Michigan Initiative contact Ann-Marie Mapes, School District Consultant, OSET at mapesa@michigan.gov or by phone at 517-335-2775.