Governor Snyder's Education Reform Message

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I did a quick review of the Governor's message and highlighted those areas that caught my attention. There will be some significant changes for secondary (I believe you'll see these starting on page 8) but for many of you who have been leading the charge for blended classes and online learning you're going to be just fine. The door is open for this beginning in 9th grade. If your leadership has embraced that all students must be prepared to enter a college level certification program you're right on track. The department has been charged to have a college predicting assessment program for middle to high school... I think that means the door opened for EXPLORE and PLAN. There are going to be significant changes to tenure, evaluation, and assignment. Things we as secondary principals have supported. But, we have to be prepared to become the "point of attack" for "fairness and weakness"... so we'll be put under the bus by unions and central office.

To see the highlighted portions, you'll need to open the attached PDF.

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