Help Students Improve PSAT/SAT Scores with the Daily Practice App

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Continuing the series of highlighting activities and resources that take place in MASSP's recently updated Data Analysis Protocol 2.0 Workshop, we're exploring the SAT Daily Practice app -- another great student resource by the College Board. The app is easy to use, provides individualized and relevant test prep, and best of all, it's free! Participants in the workshop even learn how to use the app's "Scan & Score" feature which grades answer sheets in real time to show student performance.

Using the SAT Daily Practice App

The app has been specifically designed for mobile devices and can be found on both Google Play and the App Store under the title "Daily Practice for the New SAT." In order to maximize all of the features of the app, it's recommended that students log in with their College Board Student Accounts. Please note that teachers and administrators will not be able to use the app with their professional account; only student accounts are enabled.

After signing in, students can now use the most prominent feature of the app, the "Question of the Day," which generates a daily question from Reading, Writing & Language, or Math (both calculator and no calculator) sections of the SAT test. The questions are labeled and randomly delivered in different difficulty levels. Students can read the questions, make a selection or get a hint if needed. After submitting their answer, the app reveals the correct choice and offers an explanation for each possible answer. Another great addition to the "Question of the Day" feature is the question statistics, which displays information such as the number of total responses entered for that question and percent correct. Students can even share their performance on social media like Facebook and Twitter. If students are looking for more practice questions, they can go to the "Question Archive" where previously used questions are stored.

Another great feature in the app is the ability to scan and score official practice test answer sheets (click here for a sample sheet). The app requires access to a student's mobile device camera, then students simply take a picture of each answer sheet page. The practice app then processes the student's score.
If your students aren't using this app, consider showing them how it works and the benefits to practicing. Teachers can help promote the scan and score feature, as well to help track student progress. Logging in with their student accounts can also link a student's performance for further remediation in Khan Academy. Statistics have shown that students who spend time practicing for the SAT are more likely to increase their performance and the Daily Practice for the New SAT app if just the resource to help.

Workshop participants are given time to explore these resources then reflect on how they will bring these items back to their buildings and help teachers use them for instruction. Participants then share other takeaways from the activity including ideas and strategies for implementation in the classroom. Take a look at and download the workshop handout here.

Upcoming Sessions

To learn more about this activity and other great resources you can bring back to your building, register to attend MASSP's Data Analysis Protocol Workshop 2.0. Additional workshop dates and locations will be added in the near future.

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