Help Students Use Their PSAT/SAT Scores to Identify Potential Colleges with the Big Future College Search

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Continuing the series of highlighting activities and resources that take place in MASSP's recently updated Data Analysis Protocol 2.0 Workshop, participants will learn about a great student resource called Big Future. Another free resource by College Board, Big Future can help students identify potential colleges and universities based on a variety of criteria, including a student's current PSAT/SAT score.

Using the Big Future Website

To get started, users will want to visit College Board's Big Future website at This free resource has many features that schools will want to share with parents and students. For the purpose of the Data Protocol workshop, participants practice using the College Search feature under the Find Colleges menu.

From the College Search page, learners can begin to search for colleges using a variety of filters and criteria like distance/location, academic programs, cost, and SAT score acceptance level. By entering a student's SAT subject area scores, they can see which colleges would accept those scores from a list generated on the right side of the screen.

Learners can then select a school to find out more specific information about that particular institution.

In addition to obtaining information about a school or university, a student can also see how their SAT scores stack up to others hoping to attend the selected institution.

Student scores can be entered to see the required or suggested performance level needed to attend when compared to other incoming students and scores. This provides a great visual for students so they can better understand how their scores can either limit or enhance their opportunities.

Workshop participants are given time to explore these resources then reflect on how they will bring these items back to their buildings and help teachers use them for instruction. Participants then share other takeaways from the activity including ideas and strategies for implementation in the classroom. Take a look at and download the workshop handout here.

Upcoming Sessions

To learn more about this activity and other great resources you can bring back to your building, register to attend MASSP's Data Analysis Protocol Workshop 2.0. Additional workshop dates and locations will be added in the near future.

Interested in having us come to your campus to host the workshop? Contact MASSP's Brad Gray at brad@michiganprincipals.orgor (517) 327-5315.