Important College Board and PSAT Info at EdCon's picture

In the January 25, 2018 edition of MDE's Spotlight on Assessment newsletter, the Department announced that PSAT 8/9 would replace the 8th grade M-STEP for ELA and Math, beginning next year. (There will still be M-STEP for Social Studies and Science.) This is a significant shift, and many Middle Level principals are unaware of this change and how it will impact them next school year.

Due to this change, MASSP's EdCon summer conference will include FIVE sessions focused on the College Board suite of assessments with specific breakouts just for PSAT 8/9. There is no better time to bring middle and high school principals together – these assessments will allow for much greater collaboration and discussion about curriculum, instruction and supporting student success.

EdCon is always a must-attend event for building administrators, but the addition of PSAT 8/9 makes it critical! If you are a High School administrator attending EdCon, please be sure to reach out and invite your district's Middle Level administrator(s) to join you. If you are at the Middle Level and attending EdCon, please reach out to colleagues in your county and invite them to attend. This is a great opportunity to learn together!
College Board-related breakouts at EdCon will include:

  • The College Board's New Career Exploration System
  • SAT Practice on Khan Keeps Getting Better: New Updates on Coaching Tools
  • College Board Portal Transitions to the Cloud: What This Means for You and Your School Data
  • PSAT 8/9 Digging In: Assessment Items and Key Shifts
  • Maximizing Khan Academy Teacher Tools for Student Success

For more information and to register for EdCon, please visit