Introducing MASSP App for iOS, Android and Windows Handheld Devices

Colin Ripmaster's picture

Decades ago, MASSP made the decision to transition from print publications to the launch of a website on the world wide web. Recognizing in the second decade of the 21st century that there are more mobile devices in the world than the total number of computers and television units combined, MASSP is proud to announce the launch of our new mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows handheld devices to stay connected with our members and grow the organization.

The new MASSP app was developed in partnership with Crescerance. Crescerance is a company founded to help schools and educational organizations reap the benefits of mobile communications to better connect with and engage their communities. "Crescere" means to grow or expand and that's what they're helping us do through this mobile technology at a price we can afford.

I know from my experience as a high school principal that it's not always easy for parents to stay involved with and engaged in their child's education. Secondly, I know that in the age of school of choice, charter schools and online academies that even established schools are constantly looking for ways to attract more families to visit and enroll at their school. Knowing that our students and parents are always on their cellphones I encourage you to consider connecting with them in a way that is easiest for them...Think Mobile.

If you are looking for an app presence to increase engagement of your students, parents and community with the school, we recommend you reach out to Crescerance who will create an integrated mobile solution to fit your specific needs. And - once your Mobile Solution is live, they will continue to provide frequent updates and new features to enhance the quality of experience with your school's mobile communications.

Click here to contact Crescerance to let them know that you’re interested in giving your school the edge it deserves and they’ll help you achieve it through customized mobile apps on multiple platforms including Mobile Websites, Text Messaging and much more.